Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ugh. Clouds.

Well this is interesting... I've been up for almost two hours now and I've already done all the cleaning I had hoped to get done today! I'm quite pleased with myself. Our house has been clean off and on for the past couple of months while we renovate the main floor. Our biggest problem is having to move things from room to room, so what may be organized in one room, like my magazines on our coffee table, is actually just clutter in another room. Of course, with all the construction supplies around the house won't look finished for a while. We've still got to paint some accent walls and put in the bench seat and then we can start putting supplies away.
Early mornings really are my favorite time of day. However, I like sun in the mornings. Today, there's no sun that I can see, just clouds. These clouds are better suited to happy, rainy, springtime afternoons. I love sunshowers. I also really love total downpours. I remember when I was younger and whenever there was a big rain storm we'd turn off all the lights, sit in our living room, look out our big bay window and count the seconds between the lightning and the thunder. Then, as soon as it would stop raining and the streets were full of puddles we'd run outside and go jump in them. I've never fully outgrown that tendancy. The first time I ever went to Matt's house my friend Miriam and I had been out biking and in that ride we hit every single puddle that we could find. We were both soaked and muddy when we showed up at Matt's... whoops! Ah well, he still married me. I also can't seem to avoid hitting big puddles when I'm driving. Although, I do try to refrain from doing that when the car is clean. In my old car it was never a problem because I never washed that thing, but now that I'm married, well...
Our close friends had their baby yesterday after much anticipation! A little boy and we got to go see him when he was only 5 hours old. He was gorgeous. One of those actually cute babies. Some people say there's no such thing as an ugly baby but I beg to differ. It was weird holding a baby that small again. He was two ounces lighter than Gabe had been when he was born but I didn't realize how much Gabe had grown since he was that small until they were side by side. Now I see why my mom calls Gabe "Bam-Bam".
So hopefully you've all heard of, that amazing website where people sell handmade and vintage items. Well, if not, go check it out now. Here are a few of my favorite sellers and items:
Shop - womanwoodworker Item - they're all really cute but I especially like her long train sets and her Semi Car Transporter
Shop - CuteAbility Item - tonnes!
Shop - Fineartreflections Item - the Black and Silver Pearls Victorian Bracelet

I love looking through this site and it's one of those sites that I don't mind getting emails from everyday. I must confess that I still haven't bought anything from but that's only because of copious amounts of self-control, not for a lack of finding anything worth buying. I plan to purchase all future wedding presents for friends from this site and any jewelery for myself as well.

Well, I've slacked enough today. Even though I got all my cleaning done I've still got loads to do and maybe I can get some baking in.
I hope the clouds part over your home... I think I just saw a sunbeam so there must be hope for us all.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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