Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kettle Corn

So, as the name suggests, this post will involve kettle corn. More specifically - my attempt to make it. I've been wanting to make it for years and just this Christmas I got a popcorn kettle so I had the opportunity finally. However, I never found the time to try making it. I told Matt this morning that I wanted to make it finally but then we ended up spending the evening with my parents. Well, it turns out that they have a kettle too! I figured to be safe that I ought to look up a recipe of sorts online (when will I learn?) A few weeks back I had seen a "Glutton for Punishment" episode featuring corn. In the episode he had tried to make popcorn in his hotel room using a heating pad, or something to that effect, and at that point he mentioned that the best time to add seasoning was right after you heard the first pop. Well, bearing that in mind I skipped right over the first recipe I found which recommended that you add the sugar with the oil and the kernels right at the beginning. I then found a Rachel Ray one, of which I was skeptical, but then I saw that it suggested that you wait to add the sugar until you heard the oil sizzle - which I figured was close enough to "the first pop" to be right. Well, it wasn't. There were two things wrong with that recipe. The first was that they told you to use 1/4 c of oil for 1/2 c of kernels. Waaaaaaaaay too much. I also realized that adding the sugar when you heard the sizzle was much too soon. The sugar caramalized, held all of the popcorn together and overcooked the popcorn to boot. It actually keeps it from getting really good and fluffy too. I was discouraged but figured I'd try a second batch. I used less oil. Probably a tablespoon. I also decided to wait until the first pop this time and my mom suggested waiting until the second pop. Well, she was more right than I was. The sugar still had enough time to caramalize. The right time is probably closer to the first cluster of pops. I wasn't up to three batches of popcorn. We'll try again another day. Just so you know, the measurements I used were:
1 tbsp oil
1/2 c kernels
1/4 c sugar
1 tsp salt

The salt is crucial. Otherwise it's just sugary popcorn. It's the salty-sweetness that really sells it!
Well, I think I'm spent for words tonight (my mommy and I got to talk over some good cards games)

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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