Monday, March 15, 2010


Okay, so you know how I said we had 6 baby guppies? Well, we left the tank alone for a while and I got some work done while Gabe napped but when he woke up the first thing he wanted to do was see the fish. So I set him up in front of the tank and I was looking in too when I saw another baby. And then another. And another! Another female in our tank had her babies after I had scooped up the first 6. Well, this batch had 6 as well and I managed to catch 5 but one was so fast and so sneeky that I kinda doubt he'll have anything to worry about. 12 babies! Wow! And still 6 pregnant females to go! Fortunately we've got that tank at the hospital that we can "donate" to.
Today is a kinda slow day. Our dog is in at the shop getting fixed so he's not running around barking his head off today. Gabe and I slept in... I didn't mean to but I was cuddling him at 7 a.m. so that he'd fall back asleep and I ended up dozing off myself, but that spring forward really sucked it out of me this year. Add to that the fact that I've been trying desperately to not get sick for the last few weeks and this morning I'm feeling kinda groggy and really achy. But, I have errands to run today so I'll have to get things together long enough to hit up some craft stores and some shops downtown. I'm actually going to try and make my first teacup candles today so I needed to hit up Michael's for some wicks. Also, I need to get invitations from there for my mom's tea party! That's one thing I am absolutely incompetent in - scrapbooking and making cards.
I got a Family Circle magazine last night and one of the neatest things I found in the issue was blurb telling you to check out - an online community that posts step by step instructions for everything from "Baking a 5-minute cake" to "DIY Stereo Condenser Microphone with Adjustable Toe-in/Toe-out Angle". Not that we all do that, but someone obviously does. Some of the cuter ones I saw in the brief time I surfed the site were How to Make Paper Beads, Make a String Pendant Lamp and a Chalkboard Table. What I liked most about the site is its look. When I saw in the magazine that it was an online community I was bracing for a chat room style, limited pictures and difficult surfing. But it's clean, it's cute, it actually looks fantastic.
Well, my baby is tugging on my laptop cord which means he wants me :) Here's hoping we get more baby fish today!!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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