Friday, March 5, 2010

Dear people with cars: Pity Me!

So, our car went into the dealer today just to get some stuff fixed that is covered by our warranty. The only problem with this fact is that I now have no mode of transportation! This isn't typically an issue. Normally I do spend all day in or around our home, and rarely have further to go than to the Co-op two blocks away. However, today is different - primarily because I know I can't go anywhere! It's the knowledge of being relatively confined that all of a sudden makes me feel like I need to get out; cabin fever. Although, I was just out last night... and the night before... and the night before that too. The other unfortunate part about this story is that I just looked outside, thought how absolutely gorgeous the weather is and decided to take a walk, when I realized that I left the strolled in the trunk of the car. Gre-at. Well, maybe we'll just sit in the snow in the backyard and play out there.
So you know how I got my fish? Yah, well one of them was not smarter than the piece of foam we keep surrounding the filter tube so that they don't get sucked up. This one actually got stuck behind the foam. Brilliant eh? Now, this fish was an integral part to our tank. He was our only male guppy. And I do, so badly, want baby fish. This just means we get to go buy even more fish! (Once again, as soon as we have the car back)
Now, I'm going to talk about something very serious here... crying at movies. Not even just movies - TV shows too sometimes. In my opinion, the sadest movie in the world is Legends of the Fall, followed closely by Object of my Affection and UP (yep, the Disney). Stupid Legends of the Fall... Matt made me watch that with him Valentine's Day last year while I was pregnant. We actually had to stop the movie because I couldn't breathe because I was crying so hard. How dumb! As for UP, I can't believe how much I cried during that movie the first time I saw it. Then I warned my sister and my mother about how sad it would be and they made it through the first two sections of the movie that had made me cry... but they couldn't get past the third part! Other movies that have made me cry: Heidi, Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (where she sees her dad in the row boat), and Run, Fat Boy, Run (seriously.) As for TV shows, who didn't cry when Chandler and Monica finally got engaged? Oh, most of you? Really? Dang it... Well, how about for anyone who watches NCIS - Season 3, the Season Finale, Episode Hiatus pt 2. Yah, I cried a few times in that episode. The first time was when Gibbs has amnesia and is saying how much he misses his murdered wife and daughter. Well done Mark Harmon, Well done. The second time was when Ziva David is trying to help Gibbs remember important information and reminds him of how she shot her own brother to save Gibbs' life. Okay, REALLY well done Cote de Pablo. However, none of these are as bad as the fact that my sister and my mom teared up during the Olympics opening ceremonies whenever they saw countries which were being represented by only one athlete. :) For some reason, seeing that lone athlete carrying the flag was a cause for tears to both of them. HA.
I'm going to finish this posting with a rant about stupid kid's books. Gabe has a series of books which are intended to teach babies their first words. One book in that series is about trucks. One of the words in that book is "excavator"
We're going to teach our 10 month old babies to say the word "excavator"? Why don't we throw in a book about geography and topography and teach them to say isthmus? Or better yet, how about one on medical conditions and teach them to say Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis? Which, yes, is a real word and it's actually a type of lung disease similar to Black Lung Disease. (*cough cough* Zoolander anybody?)
I also "enjoy" those kids books where the main character does something wrong and gets away with it. That's exactly the type of moral story I want my kids hearing. I vote we go back to the old Brother's Grimm fairytales where, just so you know, Cinderella's evil step sisters actually cut of parts of their feet in an attempt to fit into the glass slipper and then they eventually got their eye's pecked out by birds - presumably the same ones that help put together Cinderella's dress in the classic Disney movie. Oh, and in the original story of the Princess and the Frog, she didn't kiss the frog, she threw him against a wall.
Well, apparently I get quite sarcastic when I'm stuck in my house :) That's okay, like the man who was turned into a newt in Monty Python and the Holy Grail... I'll get better.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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