Friday, March 12, 2010

Busy Friday

Well I missed posting yesterday but fortunately I had posted twice the day before, so that made up for it ;)
Yesterday was a decently busy day. After a slow morning Gabe and I went shopping to Value Village where I got a pot to melt wax in since I wouldn't dream of using the set I got from my Grandparents for my wedding for such a purpose. Then we went grocery shopping where pork loin rib portions were on for a very good price, and since it was so sunny I was in the mood for a picnicy feeling meal. I picked up some sourdough buns and some potato salad and I made a fruit salad when we got home and I barbqued the pork. It was really good. Too good - we had seconds and that made us late for dropping Gabe off on our way to our choir practice. Choir was fun, as always. Perhaps a bit more fun this week since it was a full rehearsal and not just sectionals. Then we hung out at my parents' house where I looked through pictures and talked tea parties and Matt watched Monty Python's And Now For Something Completely Different.
I'm so excited for the tea party I get to host! I'm confident that no one attending reads this blog since it's only a couple of my Mom's friends from church, so I can tell you all about my plans! I've decided to make extra teacup candles and give those out as favors. I'm going to be making some petit fours and some tea sandwiches as well as biscotti and something in the way of an amuse bouche. We'll be using my mom's china set and I'll get to try my hand at some flower arranging for the centerpiece. The only thing I would like to do is get some cafe tables and chairs for the event (which I managed to do one Valentine's Day for Matt a few years back) but seeing as I no longer work at a cafe I think we'll have to skip that part.
Today has been a fairly productive day. After some nice chats with my sister and my mom I spent a bit of time finding Silent Auction donors for the Help for Haiti Gala on April 16th. One of the hotels in town got in touch with me and offered up 3 coupons for their Jacuzzi Suite, 2 for their spa and 1 for their inhouse gym. They also told us how interested they would be in donating their banquet hall to us for next year if we decided to make it an annual event. They were really great. And actually, they even offered to collaborate with my Event Planning business for other events throughout the year. I think I made a friend.
We're going to the hockey game tonight and I am so stoked. Some lovely man sold us 2 tickets for pretty cheap and in a decent spot too... they were season tickets so it'll be nice to not be too near the rowdies.
I have been craving going to Invermere and Fairmont for about a month now. I think the weather has reminded me of that place and I actually just remembered yesterday that we'll be near there this August for my cousin Sarah's wedding. I'm stoked to take Gabe out there and show him around. By that time he'll be even more inquisitive than he already is.
Well, this is all I have time for today since I've to to move everything back into the kitchen that we had to move out so we could paint. And my mom is dropping off a seed-starting stand (my love-in-a-puffs are up already!) so I've got to figure out where that is going. I hope everyone's weekend is as good as I anticipate mine will be!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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