Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Petit fours vs. Amuse Bouche

Sooooooo sore!!! I must have slept weird two nights ago because yesterday my neck and shoulders were so sore that I could barely lift my arms to get dressed in the morning. I iced it, rubbed it, iced it again and rubbed it some more and it almost felt good by the time I went to sleep last night - and then it got worse over night. Ah well...
So I unfortunately have to inform you that I will not be preparing petit fours, chilled melon soup and a fruity amuse bouche for ma mere's tea party. Evidently she is concerned about the stress levels I'll be hitting around that time (yah, I didn't realize that all of my event weekends are back to back) and she's also worried about it being too fancy and making her friends uncomfortable. So. I get to pick one fancy thing. Which should I do?? I was really wanting to make petit fours but we're already having scones and cupcakes so if I'm not making a bunch of other things then that's alot of cakiness. For the amuse bouche I still hadn't settled on what I was going to make but something with lychee nuts and a pistachio infused cream was going through my head. The chilled melon soup would still be fun, especially with papaya seeds and vanilla yogurt on top, but is that too out of place with scones, cupcakes and fresh fruits? Most of my work for this tea party I can't do until the week of or even the day of so I'm trying to get as much figured out in advance so that I can make sure things flow smoothly. My centerpiece is pending on whether or not I can find that moss (which my kind cousin informed me Michael's usually carries!) because if I can get it then the centerpiece will be my "Egg Platter" but otherwise it will just be a rose bowl. That's pretty much it for decor... we're using my mom's china and silverware and probably her tablecloths even. I've got the music picked out (I have the Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack! Surprised?) and the invitations have been sent already. I figure the food is the only real thing left to deal with. Maybe I'll print up place cards and menus and stuff. That sounds fun.
You know what flower I love? And I use the term "flower" quite loosely. I love Bells of Ireland. They are just gorgeous. They look fantastic in arrangements and they are so dainty. I tried growing them in my garden last year but they barely came up before winter, so I'm trying again this year and I'm starting them inside so they have a better chance of coming up. I actually pick what I grow in my garden by what I want to use as cuttings in arrangments. The idea behind that being that I can make my own bouquets and be happy all the time! Or something like that...
Today is laundry day. Or rather, Uber laundry day. It's amazing how much laundry you can accumulate between three people and a dog. So it's all getting washed today and folded whenever I have the time (and two free hands). Speaking of which, I just heard the dryer buzz (for the third time this morning) so ta ta and have a loverly Wednesday.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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