Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday is the new Monday.

Well I had a really good day yesterday. Today is still up for grabs. It's not like today has been horrible, it's just that some stupid things have happened that make me wish I could have a do-over. For one, my dog is being ridiculous. First off, I found him sitting on a chair in our dining room eating out of a bowl on our table. After I let him know that was bad and that he wasn't allowed to do that I turned around to go back into the kitchen and the dog ran downstairs - and that action was almost instantly followed by a "crash". He knocked over a TV tray in the basement that I had eaten my breakfast on. So he spilled my water and tea that were still sitting on it as well as knocked over the sugar bowl on it, which broke, and spilled glass and sugar all over our couch. Good thing we were thinking of getting a new loveseat, eh? Oh, and then I went to marinate our meat for dinner. I had just picked it up at the store yesterday and was so excited to cook up these steaks... and then I found out that I had gotten pork steaks and not beef. Great, eh? They were sitting right next to the beef so I just assumed. You know what they say about assumptions... they suck. That little blip on today's radar is minor - I mean, I have the pork steaks marinading with red wine and red wine vinegar. I even threw in some cloves and am going to cook them up with some apples. The sucky part is I was really craving red meat. Maybe my iron levels are low because I've been craving red meat for some time now. When I was pregnant and anemic from not eating protein for 7 months I ended up eating 2 and a half rare steaks in one sitting. Prior to my pregnancy I liked my steaks well-done. Not anymore :)
Gabe's cuteness is helping to compensate for the suckiness of my day at least. My sister mentioned how her daughter, whom is 8 days older than Gabe, was pointing to pictures and objects when Heather said the name for them. I hadn't tried that with Gabe yet so I pulled out some flash cards that I had got for him previously. Some of the words were stupid (Umpire for U? Really?) but when we got to the D for Dog one I said "Where's the puppy?" and he pointed right at the picture while saying "Ooooh!" I love my little boy :) So cute!
There's a chocolate rabbit coming onto a jar of peanut butter on my TV right now. Weird.
Can I talk about food portions? Rather, MAY I talk about them? Did you know that the proper portion size for meat is 3 ounces? Does that not suck? When I think steak, I think at least 8 ounces. Have you ever had a real filet mignon? The big fat ones? (Not the things wrapped with bacon at M&Ms)
Okay, I really need red meat apparently.

Did I tell you I had made Earl Grey french toast the other day? It was over the weekend for dinner. I had some bacon to use up so we had breakfast for dinner and I wanted to try and get some more flavor in my french toast. I infused the milk with some of our new Cream Earl Grey tea. I strained the leaves out and then proceeded to make french toast the normal way. (I used to be so careful about measurements with my french toast... now? HA) It actually worked quite well. I make my french toast really dry since I don't like when they're too eggy, but even then I could still taste the tea in it. It was nice.
Tonight I suppose I will be heading out to pick up a new sugar bowl, which is a chore I really don't mind since it will involve going to HomeSense (aw shucks, eh?) And I need to figure out what potatoes Matt will appreciate with our Red Wine Pork Steaks. Since he doesn't typically like potatoes unless they are raw and eaten like apples (yah, I know) it's actually harder for me to decide than you might suppose.
And might I take this opportunity to observe that Rice Krispie Squares are so much yummier the second day :)
I actually forgot I had some of those up stairs! Maybe today won't turn out so bad after all...

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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