Friday, March 26, 2010

Crazy busy

Yay! This week is almost over! It was busy and even worse because I wasn't feeling great, but it doesn't matter now because it's the weekend! Althought, our weekend will be busy too. And next week will be busy too. Actually, for the next month I'm going to be busy! I've got meetings for our Haiti Gala, I've got things to organize for that, I've got to rebook my optometrist appointment, make appointments for all of Gabe's one year checkups... What's going to be really busy is the two week stretch from April 14th - April 28th. My dad's birthday, last Haiti meeting, last minute prep for that, then the Haiti event, then we're supposed to be in Calgary the next day for my niece's birthday, then we're supposed to be back in Red Deer the day after that for volunteering with the infant care in our church, then the next weekend is my mom's birthday tea party so I'll be doing loads of baking and planning for that, the Friday we'll set it up, it's on the Saturday, the Monday is our anniversary and the Tuesday is Gabe's first birthday! Man! Good thing I've got a week's vacation with my family the next month!
When Matt and I found out that our baby was due one day after our first anniversary we kinda figured we weren't doing anything extravagant for that first year. And then he came right on time and we first breathed a sigh of relief that he wasn't born on the same day as our anniversary, and then we realized it wasn't going to make much of a difference. Having a huge anniversary celebration probably isn't ever going to work for us since Gabe's birthday is so close. But we're okay with that :) What we did last year was we went out for dinner at a nice place in town - actually it was the first restaurant we had gone to for a date! And then we got some sparkling grape juice and drank it from our Anniversary Champagne Flutes (yep, we only drink from them once a year!). And then I went into labour, during which I threw up all of the escargot and crabs legs I had just eaten, and we had Gabe 7 hours later! But then when we went on vacation to Canmore with my family we took a night for just the two of us and went out for dinner at the nicest place in town - The Trough. It was fantastic! We swore we'd go back every chance we got. Well, this year we'll probably not do anything the night of our anniversary since we have Auxano. Maybe we'll drop Gabe off early with the sitter and then we'll go to... I dunno, Applebees. Fancy eh? But in June when we go to Canmore with my family, we're definately dressing up and going to The Trough again. Last time we went I had the rabbit flatbread pizza with the oven-roasted tomato and truffle sauce and Matt had the duck noodle bowl. This time... I dunno! Maybe the game hen? But I know for sure what wine we're having! That's where we first had the Beni di Batasiolo Mascato D'Asti Bosc that we love so much. Oh, and The Trough was the first restaurant I'd ever been to that served an Amuse Bouche. It was steak tartar that night with an Asian flare. And for our anniversary gift this year we're still up in the air about it. Our general rule is that we can buy eachother small things but our big present will be a joint one that we have to agree on. We both want our painting framed but we also both want a new coffee table for our house from Barn Yard Stix ( We've bought something from there every time we've been in Canmore since we got married! It's fantastic stuff! Definately conversation pieces.
Anyway, I'd best go set the baby down (he just fell asleep in my lap) and go get ready for dinner with Matt's Oma tonight! Yay!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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