Monday, March 22, 2010

Sounds like a day for roast beef...

Today was my sick day. This is it, I only get one per season. Henceforth, whenever I feel poorly, I will simply have to plow through my duties and just suck it up. Today has just been a yucky day overall. It snowed today. I was really tired this morning. Gabe isn't feeling 100%. I was supposed to go to my optometrist this morning but I called and canceled because neither Gabe nor I were feeling up to leaving the house. I light of the suckiness and blah-ness of the day, I have declared it a roast beef day. I almost put off making the roast that I had pulled out of the freezer last night, but then I thought about how good it would smell and I got excited for it. And now that it's been in the oven for about an hour, I'm so glad I did throw it in. It smells fantastic! Add some beets and some gravy and some mashed potatoes and I think it's going to be a really nice dinner all things considered. Typically I would have made yorkshire puddings too, but we'll just be glad that I made dinner at all.
Our biggest guppy in the tank is just about ready to burst she's so pregnant. She'll probably end up having 20 - 30 babies so we won't bother containing them all since our hatchery is already full - but I wish we could :)
Hopefully I'm feeling well enough to get up bright and early tomorrow because I want to make Matt some crepes for breakfast! We have a fridge full of fruit that we need to use up and I've never actually made crepes so I'm excited for my first time. And I know Matt will be excited for crepes! Gabe will get to try canteloupe and Cash will just be happy that we're all up to play with him.
So my whole house smells like dutch licorice. The candy, the licorice tea, the dutch licorice flavoured blocks that you mix into hot milk... As soon as you open our door the smell hits you (except for right now, thanks to the roast) It's actually a really nice smell, just not the normal smell of our house.
This week the normal smell might actually be baking. I'm hoping to make a birthday dake for my mom and dessert for dinner on Friday with Matt's Oma. Also, I plan to perfect the art of making bagel that taste really good (I've made bagels before but the recipe I used was mediocre) and I want to make some kettle corn! Matt and I got some from the Farmer's Market in Edmonton that was fantastic and since I have a popcorn kettle I figured I'd give it a try. However, for now I suppose I'd best stick to making dinner. I'd better go peel potatoes!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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