Monday, March 29, 2010

Productivity! (with a side of moss)

Man, I'm good! And modest! Clearly! But seriously, I got a load of stuff done today! I picked up a bunch of Silent Auction items, got a few more donated and talked to A LOT more companies about donating! Newest item on the silent auction block: Christmas Shopping Excursion! 3 nights' accommodations at the Banff Gate Mountain Resort in Canmore and perhaps a meal or two thrown in there from some hot Canmore restaurants! I'm barking up the tree of season tickets to a local sports team, still looking for a jeweller (but I may have found one... I'll find out on Wednesday) and now I'm looking up dance lessons. On a more personal note of ah ha! I got Cash's license and reset my telephone banking password! Yay! Poor Gabe put up with everything wonderfully. He's sleeping now. Matt and I got to have lunch today too which was really nice and never happens. I was at the mall running errands when he called me and I invited him to meet me there! We had Taco Time :)
I'm tired, but I'm so happy with all that I got done. There are a few more things I wish I had been able to do - one of which was find moss. Yep, moss. You remember my cute, totally useless egg that I bought from HomeSense a few weeks ago? Well, I want to display it on a silver platter, on a bed of moss, with daffodils around it! But I have no idea where to get the moss. The tray and daffodils are easy. But fortunately I have a week left to find it before Easter.
Well, that was my short break, now I've got to go be productive again and make dinner so that we can get to Auxano on time! Yay!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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  1. I believe you can find fake moss at michaels.


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