Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunny days...

What a gorgeous day! Man! It totally feels like spring!
We went and got more fish today. We needed to replace the male guppy that died and we got a few more as well but there was a different lady working there today. She gave us all grey female guppies and one male guppy with torn fins. He doesn't swim very well and probably won't last very long. She also poured the fish into the bag. Like, scoop up water and fish in a bucket, dump bucket contents into bag. So fortunately she also reminded us of their 2 week warranty on their fish :)
I got some of my seeds started! It was so pretty and so warm that I needed to do something outside. So I sat on the front step and started two of my seed packets: Love-in-a-puff and Vulcan mallow. I want my flowers to actually come up this year so I decided to start some extra early. Here's hoping they work well!
I have made a decision to be crafty this week. I have a craft table in our basement and the crafts are beginning to pile up. A few of the things I need to deal with are late. For example, my cousin's son was born in December and I still haven't finished knitting his present. I also have some other projects to get caught up on. First off I just got a hold of a bunch of burned down candles. I'm going to make a stop at Value Village tomorrow to pick up some mismatched teacups, then I'll melt down all the wax and make teacup candles! I also need to knit some more baby clothes for all of my friends who are expecting. Oh, and make more pillows.
Tonight I whipped up some strawberry shortcakes - sans strawberries. Blueberries actually. And real shortcakes, not just white cake. It was quite nice. And for dinner Matt just wanted nachos so I had a toasted Cheese and Tomato sandwich. It's actually one of my favorite sandwiches :) A little mayo, a little salt... a lot of goodness.
Oooh! And I taught Matt how to play crib! And I was trying to teach him the lingo of crib but he kept saying "Fifteen two and totes-ma-goats"
Well, hopefully tomorrow is as beautiful as today was. It just makes your whole day go well!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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