Saturday, March 27, 2010


What a productive day! It felt great waking up this morning and feeling like I'd slept in for hours and it was only 8:30! Plus, the blinds in our bedroom were cracked open (a rare occurrence) and so the sunlight was already in our room. It made me feel so much more ready to get up than when the room is dark. Matt had been up for some time reading and he still hadn't eaten anything so I offered to go on a Timmy's run. Here we had a bit of a hiccup in my really good day... Roll Up The Rim is on so obviously the Timmys are all swamped. I hit the drive thru since I hate standing in line when it's just going to take longer. Well, the actual drive thru lane was full so myself and three other cars were stopped across the parking lot intersection waiting for the line to move so we could pull in. I'd been waiting for almost 10 minutes at this point already. Well, some lady in a white ford SUV decided that we must be just stopped for no good reason and she drove right past us and pulled into the drive thru. Now, the line had just moved to make enough space for another car so I was already pulling through the intersection - so she not only cut me off and budded in line, but she also ran a stop sign and almost hit me. It was one of those times when I wished I were more in the habit of honking. I yelled "What the heck!" at her from inside my car which she couldn't have heard, and I lifted my arms up in a clear sign of disbelief and anger, which she chose to not see and by the time I had done that I felt it was too late to honk. If I weren't worried about holding up the drive thru line I would've got out of my car, walked up to her window and explained how courteous, polite people do things. I just could not believe her arrogance. Anyway, I got my coffee eventually (oh and she held up the line too by not paying attention... there were two full car lengths of space in front of her and it was her turn at the intercom and she was too busy looking at herself in her mirror and then when it was her turn to pay, instead of having her money ready and pulling up to the window she didn't move forward, she started sorting papers in her backseat, then she realized the person in front of her had driven away and then she finally pulled up and fumbled through her purse for her money.) and when I got home we chilled for a bit before getting started on our to do list. First I went outside and picked up bottles and milk jugs. Matt and I foolishly taught Cash to enjoy playing with pop bottles when he was really small which was totally adorable at the time! And which we totally regret now! We had been keeping all of our empties in garbage bags in the yard and Cash ripped all the bags open and probably every two days through the winter he would go and pull out another bottle or jug or can. We didn't notice how bad it was until the snow had melted. It was bad. Anyway, I picked up two garbage bags worth and then tag teamed Matt. I got Gabe settled and then I went out to pick up dog poop. If the bottles were bad, the poop was horrible. Matt said there was about 7 lbs of dog crap in our yard. Great, eh? While I was poop-scooping, Matt decided to burn some of the branches in our yard. However, we didn't count on how much smoke would come from a pile of wet, coniferous branches that had been "encouraged" with a little accelerant. Well, it was a lot. We were seriously worried people a few blocks over would call the fire department. It was a pillar of smoke. It cleared up fairly soon however and then our yard had the gorgeous smell of campfire! Well, eventually I got around to digging up my flower beds (or what wasn't still frozen at least) and went inside and cleaned up until a lady came to try on my wedding dress! I'd been trying to sell it on Kijiji for quite some time and I actually had alot of emails about it, but that was it. No one had come to check it out yet. Finally someone did, and she loved it, and she's bringing the money on Wednesday! And it's going to be enough money to pay for our joint anniversary present as well as dinner at The Trough in Canmore! Yay!
In the afternoon we went over to visit our friends and their two week old baby boy. He was just adorable! I can't believe how small he is! It's funny thinking that Gabe is huge in comparison to him. I knew Gabe had grown alot but it was interesting seeing the growth side by side. Well, the babe slept for the entire time and woke up just as we were leaving but I still got to hold him a bit and we got to visit with the parents whom we love and are some of our dearest friends.
After that we went on to my parents' house for dinner. I got to play some crib (and I lost horribly) and then we finally made it home.
While I was writing about Barnyard Stix yesterday I googled their company to make sure I was getting their website right and to my surprise I saw a kijiji ad up for the store. It had just been posted within the last couple hours. $60000 plus inventory. Well I totally wanted to buy it! However, Matt brought me back down to earth on that score. We love our hometown and aren't planning to move anytime soon, and we're not the type of people who could let someone else call the shots on our business (at least, not at the beginning). Ah well, maybe next time it goes up for sale!
Well it's super late and I'm super tired. And Matt's telling me to turn off the light!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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