Monday, March 1, 2010

A good Monday

I had forgotten how much I love having blueberries in my pancakes! I wanted to make something different for breakfast yesterday outside of our normal egg/pancake/french toast rotation so I threw some frozen blueberries in and wow. I think I just love blueberries. Which is odd, since I hated them until high school. Anyway, blueberries, good. No blueberries, bad.
This Monday morning is actually going quite nicely. I'd been exhausted all last week thanks to Gabe being sick but this morning at about 7 when the alarm went off, all I wanted to do was jump out of bed and get the day started! I made breakfast, cleaned up a bit, and then ran out to pick up some pants for Gabe that I bought off Kijiji. On my way home I stopped for groceries (Co-op has 10% off Monday Madness... Madness is definately the right word to describe it) and now I'm kicking back until Matt and Gabe wake up from their morning nap. This afternoon I'm going to start my seeds for my flower garden and I might even run out and get some more seeds for a veggie garden. Oooh, and I have to bake today; we're almost all out of banana bread and through sheer determination we finished off Matt's birthday cake.
Do you ever watch Cesar Milan? You know, The Dog Whisperer? I think that guy is fantastic, I really do. I do, however, wonder what he would say about a Sheltie on that show. I grew up with Shelties in our home ever since I was born. And Old Shelties. Not age-wise really, but there's a line of Shelties that date way back that have their original mannerisms, tempermant and a certain regality. My mom's first Sheltie was a descendant of Halstor's Peter Pumpkin - a champion sire who in turn sired 160 more champions. Our dog's name was Shep and he wasn't really a dog. Not in the sense that you would normally think of. Shep didn't play fetch. He thought it was stupid that you would throw away something that you want bad enough that you'll make him go get it. He typically obeyed ever command and seemed to know what you were thinking. If you looked at him a certain way he'd respond. Now, that Old Sheltie manner is hard to find but certain qualities are passed along in all Shelties. So, do you work with them and train them differently than a lab? Certainly differently than a Bichon? Cash, our Sheltie/Australian Shepherd cross, is a smart little dog. So smart in fact that we have to tie him up because no cage, baby gate or fence can contain him. But he still has some of that Sheltie in him that if I glare at him because he's barking, he'll stop barking and lay down. My mom was saying to me yesterday that when she took Shep in for training the instructor was delighted with him and gave my mom special instructions for walking him. Her special instructions were simply to go. Just walk. Look like you know where you are going and that dog will walk with you. Really, I think everyone should own a Sheltie.
Wow, I branched out to dog's today? Well, I guess every house needs a dog, and ergo a housewife, who needs a house to in fact be a housewife, in turn necessitates a dog. Right?
Well, for my baking today I'm torn between making cookies and baking another cake. The only reason I'm thinking "cake" is simply because I want to get better at it. I want to be able to whip up a cake in no time flat that looks spectacular enough to bring to my in-law's house when they are having company. Layer cakes will be my first battle. To win I will need to master icing, structure, steadiness of hand and eventually the coveted crepe cake! Want to see a fantastic cake?
It's called the Darkest Chocolate Crepe Cake. Pretty sweet eh?
I'm going to make it, but first I must find hazelnuts.
Well, my battery is running out, my husband woke up and I need to go wake my baby.
I hope your Monday goes well too!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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