Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baby guppies!

Yay! We have baby guppies! 6 of them actually!
I wasn't feeling well enough to go to church this morning so after sleeping in a bit and slowly getting Gabe and myself settled I sat down in front of the fish tank just to see how many pregnant guppies we had. I noticed one that I had thought previously to be quite pregnant only looked slightly pregnant now. I thought it was weird but just assumed I had been mistaken previously. Then something tiny caught my eye. In one of our plants I saw a little baby! And then another one! I was so excited! I phoned Matt to ask him if he thought they would be too small to net but he gave me the go ahead so I caught the first little one and put it in our hatchery. Then I looked back to get the other one and there were still two of them! We had three! Well, those two proved to be harder to catch so I had to get Matt's help when he got home. After we got them all secured we put the plant that we had to pull out to get them back in and we topped up the water. About half an hour later Matt was still watching the fish in the tank and he said "Hey! There's another one!" I went over to look and actually saw a couple more hiding under a rock! So, after pulling out every decoration in our tank and scaring all of our other fish we finally caught them all (and this time we're pretty sure we got them all) And of course all of our other females are pregnant :) But we won't be able to use the hatchery for them because they could eat the other babies. So I suppose over the next few days/weeks we'll be repeating the baby-netting fiasco. We're actually in danger of having far too many fish in our tank but fortunately Matt and I just agreed to volunteer at the hospital - cleaning and taking care of the fish tank in the peds ward! So we may be giving them all of our excess guppies if we end up having too many babies.
Yesterday on our way to Calgary I was saying to Matt how I would love to have some antiques from Jane Austen's day - pre-Victorian, more Napoleonic. I'm just entranced by the style of living in those days - the elegance, the romanticism... I wish I had been born back then. I tried looking up some stuff on ebay and the most I could find were some coins and a locket which was charming but not exactly what I was looking for. Then I decided that what I would really love is a first edition Jane Austen novel. THAT would be priceless to me. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, they are very hard to come by. Perhaps the biggest reason being time. The second being that many collectors have thought of getting one far before the idea crossed my mind so people who have them probably aren't willing to part with them. Another reason is that the quantity of the very first publications were so small and most of her books were actually volumes. The original publication of Pride and Prejudice had 3 volumes and actually had two publications in the first year. However, it being a first or a third wouldn't be so big a deal to me as it being from her life time (which limits me to only 4 of her novels since Persuasion and Northanger Abbey were published posthumously) Oh, and I don't have the thousands of dollars it would cost to purchase a first edition even if I could find one that somebody was willing to part with.
J. K. Rowling has one supposedly... But I suppose if I were that successful I'd have enough contacts and money to track one down too.
Well, I should go wake my baby who has been napping for a very long time. And I should clean.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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