Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oh Homesense...

I'm usually very good about not buying absolutely useless things, except when it comes to my kitchen utensils. (okay, my husband added that last part about the kitchen utensils when I wasn't looking... apparently he doesn't agree) I have a few good decor items such as candles and fake flowers, but I burn the candles and most of the flowers were from my wedding. Well, Matt and I went to Homesense today. We decided that we needed a bigger mirror for our livingroom and Homesense had some very good prices. We actually got a huge, gorgeously framed one for only $40. While we were in there I saw something so incredibly adorable... so beautiful... so useless.... I had to have it. It was a brown, rough clay egg with white flowers and vines painted on it. An egg. Really. But it's so gorgeous! And so is our mirror!
Well Matt surprised me today by telling me we were going to the hockey game on Friday! It's just WHL, but it's still fun and I really enjoy the atmosphere (assuming you're not sitting in front of idiots). Now just to find a babysitter...
This one's going to be short since I'm hanging out with my mom and dad before they go to Hawaii and their computer is dying!
Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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  1. Bring him down to Montana, I'll watch him!


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