Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekend saved!

Whew! What potentially could have been a crappy day has actually been a really nice one. My mom called me this morning to say that my sister was sick last night and might not be coming to town to help me with the tea party! Suckiness all over! First off I would have had to make cupcakes and a dip myself and secondly - and more importantly - I wouldn't have had my sister to hang out with all weekend! Well, she came :) So we spent today playing cards, drinking tea and playing with babies. I just ran out to pick up some groceries and grabbed myself some sushi and when I got back Matt phoned to ask me what type of bubble tea he could bring me! I love him! My poor husband - he worked all day and I should have brought him stuff while he was working and then the first thing he does when he gets off work is offers to spoil me. Oh yah, and this morning when I got up I noticed on my chalk board (that I use as my menu board) that he had made a list of things that he loves about me. It was quite extensive.
I made my scone mix this morning so tomorrow all I have to do is add cheese/blueberries and water. Super fast! Then I have to cube the watermelon and stuff it with the feta and mint, slice the apples, wrap them in proscuitto and then fry them in the pan. I'm making my sherbet this evening so that I can make sure it freezes properly and then I have very little left to do in the morning! Yay!
The kids are being absolutely adorable today and saying a whole bunch of things - Gabe said "all done" (well actually, it was more of a "ah dun" but he did the gesture for the end of his meal too so we knew what it meant)
Well, I'm going to go start my sherbet since I have to stir it every half hour for four hours straight. I hope your day went well too!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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