Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Calm before the Storm

Well, it's now Wednesday, I have 2 days until my event, and I'm soooo not feeling well. My head hurts and my nose is plugged and it's been a long time since I've had a decent sleep. For some reason I just can't shut off my brain at night anymore. And poor Matt has to put up with the consequences :) A couple nights ago I kept him up talking about business cards with skulls and overlapping geometric designs on them. Only he could love me so well to not roll me off the bed when I do stuff like that!
It's the calm before the storm as far as the event goes. I made sure that I would have everything done in advance so that this week would be as least stressful as possible. Friday however will be crazy. I'm responsible for picking up keyboards, flowers, silent auction items... and I'm supposed to be at the hotel at 2:30 but I will have Gabe with me until 4! I don't really know how that's going to work. Even moreso, I don't know what on earth I am going to wear! This was another late night conversation Matt and I had - and by conversation I mean that I was talking and he was "uh huh"ing. Being in the role that I am as Event Planner, I need to let people know that I know what I'm doing. Now, I could pull a George Costanza and just seem really stressed all the time and then people assuming you're working hard - but I still want to come across as cool and collected. So I'm going with the idea of color psychology. Whenever the President of the United States comes on air to deliver bad or controversial news, he will be wearing a blue and red tie. Blue and red are a power combination - people see you wearing those colors and subconsciously they see you as powerful. Red is a strong color in general. You should wear blues if you want to look sincere. Tans represent neutrality and the "every-man" status. Anyway, for me, since I don't wear ties, I need to find dresses and necklaces that will give me a power look. I need to find a little red dress. Unfortunately, thanks to my post-preggo body, this is much easier said than done. The necklace should be easier. For business meetings I need to have a necklace that's bold and trendy and let's people know I'm confident in my abilities and that they should be too. I had one such necklace a while ago - the pendant was a large jade flower with red beads in the center. It got eaten though. So I need to find another such necklace.
It's funny how big my sigh of relief will be after Friday. The funny part is that I'll be no where near done my commitments for the next three weeks. I've still got parties to plan and host, cakes to bake, people to meet... but for some reason this event has more of a tendancy to loom than the others do. I'm being very good and refraining from taking on any more clients or contracts until May. It's actually kind of hard since there's another event planner (who can't even take the time to spell check her ads) who is trying to start up in town. I'm not exactly concerned over this person - I've got a gimmick and business skills. She has no gimmick and certification from a "Start your own event planning business" website. Plus, she advertises as a wedding planner. If you stick to just weddings you're missing out on a whole load of potential clients. You need to encourage people to think outside the box for their event planning needs.
Anyway, that was a bit of a rant, wasn't it? Sorry about that. How about a cute baby story now? This morning I set Gabe up in his bouncer while I checked my emails. He started fussing a bit and I just assumed he wanted me to hold him but I needed to finish my emails before I put a baby on my lap. He kept whining and fussing and finally I went over to him - he had his fingers stuck in a drawer. There's a barnwood table in our living room and his bouncer was pushed up right beside it. He had pulled the bottom drawer open and leaned over and stuck his fingers in. When he leaned over, the side of the bouncer pushed down below the drawer - but when he leaned back, while his fingers were still in the drawer, the bouncer came back up and pushed the drawer tight on his little fingers. I felt so bad! Here I was assuming he was just being grumpy and he had his fingers stuck and was hardly making a fuss considering! He was fine, by the way. His fingers were a little sore and had lines all across them, but he was fine.
well, I've got business cards to design, a website to build and a silent auction to prep so perhaps I should go be productive eh? Maybe.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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