Wednesday, April 28, 2010

God is Good :)

God is so good - you know? Like, really, really, unfathomably good. Monday night was an amazing night. Matt and I grabbed a quick dinner out for our anniversary and then we went to our bible study thingy called Auxano. All day Matt and I had been talking about something sort of disappointing that had occurred recently and it was weighing on us so heavy. The teachings that night hit the topic bang on at one point. It was insane! Then we went over to the pub we hang out at afterwards and talked theology with one of our friends and out of no where he came out and said something that was, again, bang on topic for what Matt and I had been struggling with and it totally reassured us. The thing is, this guy had no clue about what Matt and I had been talking about all day and he actually went off topic in our current conversation to say what he did. After that evening we totally felt reaffirmed, reassured and unburdened. Only God could craft things so amazingly.
Yesterday was Gabriel's first birthday! It's crazy to think that I have a one year old! And such a perfect one too! If you don't believe me just ask any of his aunts, uncles or grandparents :)
For Gabe's birthday I finally broke down and let him have wheat... in the form of a cookie! Well, not really a cookie. A biscuit. An arrowroot. Since there are some major allergies on my side we decided to hold off on all wheat, dairy and egg whites until he was a year old. He really liked the biscuit though and he nibbled off little pieces over the span of 15 minutes.
During the day Gabe and I played downstairs. And by that I mean he played and I cleaned. And I got it all done! One area down! 3 to go! Oh, and the weather is not supposed to be good for Saturday so somehow we're going to have the baby dedication in our house. I suppose we'll be moving the table into the kitchen to make more room for people to come in and sit and there may be some standing-room only for the service. Ah well, I'll feed them all well enough that they won't care where they sit (or don't sit).
Today I'm supposed to get the bedrooms cleaned. This one won't be very hard. The only mess we really ever have in bedrooms is laundry and all of it is clean so it's just putting it all away. The living room will actually be a shared venture between Matt and I. The largest part of the mess in the living room is reno stuff - materials, tools, paint, etc. Most of that stuff doesn't even belong in the house but actually in Matt's work van. So Matt will clean anything to do with renos and I will clean the rest. I really think I'm getting the better end of the deal!
Tonight I have another meeting for my event planning business. This time it's with a rental company. I think it will go well, I believe the girl running it is only a few years older than me, has young kids and even lives in the same district as me. We seem to have alot in common so we'll probably work well together. And hey, even if the meeting doesn't go as planned, it's at Starbucks so at least I'll get coffee out of the deal.
I need to get a perm again. On Monday night at the pub, somehow my hair managed to curl a perfect ringlet in the front which means over the next two months ringlets will start popping up all over at random times. The reason I get perms is to control how my hair curls. I've just been waiting for my hair to be long enough to get it done again and really, it's Matt's favorite way that I do my hair. I always found that so frustrating - I'd spend a couple hours doing my hair: washing, blow drying, straightening, styling... and then Matt would say, "Oh, why didn't you just leave it down and curly?" Which is how my hair dries when I don't do anything to it. I'm happy that he loves me the way I am without any effort to look better, but sometimes it's just frustrating!
Well, I suppose I should get cleaning soon since I've got to do some decorating today too - I want to have a decor display in each room for Saturday. In the bathroom I have shelves up that I change the items on them out each season and they're still stuck in winter, the living room will have a floral arrangement, the kitchen will have food (nuf said), the basement will have a manly display of bikes and hockey stuff, Gabe's room will have his toys set up all cute and fluffy and our bedroom will have something... I'm not sure what yet.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this wet and cold day and I sincerely hope that it does not snow.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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