Friday, April 16, 2010


Well, my event is done! Yay! It's like such a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders! I've been thinking about this event for over a month now and to finally have all my planning come to a close is awesome.
Matt's family all ended up coming for dinner tonight (it was originally just his sister coming, then his mom, then his other sister, then his brother and finally his dad decided to join everyone) So since I wasn't going to be home I threw in a couple pork roasts this afternoon. I usually like to cook them just a bit rare and then slice them up and saute it with apple slices and sugar but since I wasn't going to be home to do that I went a slightly different direction. After I seasoned and seared the pork I deglazed with some white wine and then I made a little rack out of shallots and pears. I threw in some garlic underneath the roasts as well, poured on a little apple cider vinegar and then sprinkled it with rosemary! I covered it and threw it in the oven at 2 so I cooked it really low. The house smelled amazing! I love the smell of roasts in my house! It was really convenient too to just be able to say that dinner was in the oven, kiss my husband goodbye and go. When I got home I still had a house full of people - people who had cleaned my kitchen nonetheless - so I whipped up some coffee, tea and chocolate chip cookies :)
So now I am done my major headache event, sitting at home, drinking coffee and eating freshly baked cookies while my baby is asleep upstairs and my dog is asleep at my feet.
Oh, and my guppies had babies! So Matt's currently collecting them and putting them in the hatchery.
Tomorrow my sister had recommended that Matt and I do something really fun and relaxing that we don't usually do. She had actually suggested going to the Royal Tyrell Museum. I haven't been there in almost two decades. Pending hubby's opinion, maybe we will go and do that.
I need rest though. The last couple of days have been rough. They were stressful and then there were some curve balls that we had to deal with that were really hard, but now we've got time to regroup, relax and recover. So tomorrow, maybe before we go to Drumheller, I'm going to bake :) I find it very therapeutic!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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