Thursday, April 8, 2010


Ugh. I feel alot worse than I did yesterday around this time. My throat is still sore from the morning, my eyes burn... silly cold. Go away. No one likes you.
Today has been a rather slow day. It still feels like it should be 9, just based on what I've done today. Ah well, I need to just get over this cold and then I'll bounce back.
So my teacup candles yesterday? Some of them still made wells in the middle! But good ol' Martha Stewart came through for me yet again. Apparently you need to not trim the wicks until the wax is set and then poke shallow holes all around the wick and then pour a little bit more hot wax on top so that it will all be even across the top. Then you can trim the wick. So I'm going to top up the ones that didn't work this afternoon and hope that even though I trimmed my wicks already that they'll still be long enough. My fingers are crossed.
I did get around to stuffing and stitching up some pillows today. My original plan for the day had been to alter my wide leg jeans while Gabe had his morning nap - only it's the afternoon now and Gabe still hasn't slept! So I did what I could do without a sewing machine and fixed those pillows for my sister. Maybe during Gabe's afternoon nap I'll get downstairs to the sewing machine...
we're expecting more guppy babies fairly soon, and actually, we think one of the guppies had her babies last night and they all got eaten. She had been acting weird all day and hiding in the plants and behind the filter tube so I kept checking to see if she'd had the babies yet. And then this morning she doesn't look pregnant anymore. Great. But we've got two or three more pregnant females in the tank so this month we'll see at least a few more babies.
Matt and I were checking out trailers just for fun last night. We plan to buy one within the next couple years but first we need a truck, a cargo trailer and a minivan. But we still like to look! Man, there are some great deals to be had! 24 footers for less than $7000 in really good condition. And we wouldn't even want one that big. We both prefer to just tent, but when you have kids (especially babies) sometime a canvas tent just won't cut it. So we'd just be looking for something that we could stay warm in and off the ground. I even found some old 80's ones that were in sound condition, just really outdated. But really, isn't renoing a trailer the same as renoing a house? Just smaller and cheaper? So we'd have no troubles re-upholstering everything, painting, flooring and replacing sinks and stuff.
Well, I'm starving. I'm going to try and put Gabe to sleep so that I can finally eat.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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