Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Post #2 du jour

Wow, I've gotten alot done today considering how crappy I felt when I woke up this morning. I must admit, I am feeling alot better. My throat stopped hurting soon after I got up (it's still a little tender, but much, much better) and though my nose is still pretty stuffed my head feels almost normal. Hopefully I'll be able to kick this thing before the weekend.
Well, the candles are done! Yay! I actually redid a couple of the first ones I had made. I made the mistake of not soaking my wicks before I put them in the hot wax. So as the wax was solidifying, the wicks were soaking up the wax and there were indents in the top of each of them. A couple of them were really bad so I tried topping them up but couldn't get it to look smooth, so I just redid them all. I dyed my eggs too. The dye was 1 c hot water, 1 tsp vinegar and 20 drops food coloring and then I did a variety of shades to mix it up. I wish I had something other than large eggs in my house, but it's okay, they'll work. And I got to have scrambled eggs for lunch!
I've come to the conclusion that if I want to look good in clothes again, I may need to get handy with my sewing machine. I still don't own a pair of jeans that looks decent on me since having Gabe. I do have a half decent pair however. So perhaps I'll just take in the thigh and the calf on that uber wide-leg pair and maybe the calf and hem another pair I have. And I'm going to need some dresses for events this summer. My greatest shopping success story is how I found a dress at Le Chateau outlet marked down to $5 from $250. It was an extra large but because it was a halter top, the only thing I needed to really change about it was that I took in the back a bit so that it'd stay up on me and it looks great! Perhaps this should be the answer to all my clothing woes... Find the overly large, really cheap clothes and alter them so that they work on me. As it stands, everywhere in town has let me down for how jeans fit: Bluenotes thighs are a tad too tight, Warehouse One's crotches are way too low, Le Chateau is too rich for my blood, Stitches changed their sizes and while some styles fit sometimes it's really hit and miss there. But Value Village is my current supplier and if I put in the time and energy to fix up my own clothes, maybe I'll feel better about being seen in public again :)
I was going to go all out for dinner tonight and make a whole bunch of food, but then I remembered that whenever Matt and I eat rice bowls we get very full, very fast. So instead, tonight I will stick with the original menu and tomorrow night we will be having Panko-crusted shallow-fried turkey tenders and fried rice and perhaps a fun salad of sorts with cranberry sauce incorporated into it. I'm sure it will all work out well!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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