Monday, April 12, 2010

France (and florentines)

This week is going to be very stressful for me. I've kinda been dreading this week for the past month. My big Haiti event is on Friday and ticket sales have not been what we had hoped in spite of major radio plugs, discounting ticket prices, posters all over town and even going to individual businesses and trying to sell tables to them. So we're hoping we can still raise a decent amount of money for Haiti. And I'm hoping that more people come for sure. I'd hate this thing to be a flop. Fortunately our silent auction line up is awesome so we should make a lot of money from that.
It's been so long since I posted last! My goodness! Let's see... Well, I altered my wide leg fat-pants. I only did the inseam. I had intended to do that first and then the outseam after I tried them on again to see how much more I need to take in. It turns out that I didn't need to do anymore! They fit great! The only issue I have with them is that I started altering them halfway up the thigh and didn't bother undoing the seam at the crotch so the crotch looks funny now. Ah well, no one looks there anyway. But I can proudly say that they are no longer my fat pants!
Matt sold one of his motorcycles finally! So that's going towards debt and when our debt is all paid off then we get to buy a truck! He had to drive to Calgary to deliver the bike to the guy so he borrowed my dad's truck and took a buddy of his with him. And then they were nice enough to stop off at the Glamorgan Bakery in Calgary! Home of the world's best florentines! Wow I love that place. I used to live right across the street from it and the smell of the fresh baking every morning while I stood waiting for my bus to take me to work was incredible. So Matt brought me home some florentines so that I can figure out the recipe and his friend gave us some cheese buns from there which were amazing.
We got to see my sister and her family this weekend as well, which was great. We always love to spend time with them. It's always so relaxing and stress free.
On Sunday we went over to Matt's parents' place for some dutch food and company. They had some people over who all had ties to dutch heritage (it was a very lonely place for me, I'm telling you) and so we had nasi and a bunch of things I can't even pretend to remember the name of, let alone how to properly say the name.
We found out that two of the guys who came over for lunch along with Matt's dad and sister are going to France at the beginning of May! And man, I'm sooooo jealous! While they're there they plan to just see the sites and enjoy the culture and the food. Not to mention, the whole group is made up of people that Matt and I would be most suited to travel with. Matt loves traveling with his dad and they both really like seeing the actual way of life in the places they visit - away from the touristy spots. One of the men going is the missions pastor at our church who is a very intellectual man and could probably teach us a lot of things about France while we were there. The other guy going is the same friend of Matt's who accompanied him to Calgary to deliver his bike. He's done alot of traveling and is just an all around interesting guy. And last, but by no mean least, my sister-in-law is going as the only female in the group. Her and I get along great; she's one of my best friends and we'd have alot of fun being in France together.
But oh well. we won't be able to go so the best I can hope for is that my sister-in-law will bring me back some form of french pastry so that I can try and figure out the recipe.
Today is going to be a semi-productive day. Thus far I've been able to get some stuff done for my taxes that our accountant needed and I'm washing all of our bedding today. And it's a good thing too, cause Gabe just threw up in his play pen. The poor guy... I don't think he's feeling sick - he isn't acting like it - but maybe he just ate too much banana for breakfast.
Today I also have to get the living room sorted, pick up a couple more donations for the silent auction and clean the kitchen. Perhaps I should get started on some of those instead of sitting on the computer, eh?

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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