Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blowing Eggs

Well, today we are contacting spas. Not for me though - sadly. But for the silent auction. I need to make a Canmore package and a His and Her's package. So spas it is. And what am I doing besides contacting spas today? Drinking tea, blowing my nose and taking a lot of vitamin C. I've got a cold. I could feel it coming for a few days now and this morning when I woke up my throat was killing me.
However, that is not actually all that I will be doing today. Today I will also be doing crafts. A number of them actually. You see, I am trying to do as much for my events as possible before I begin stressing about them. So, today I am making the rest of my teacup candles for party favors for the teaparty, I'm decorating eggs in a true Martha Stewart fashion to decorate the teaparty table with and I'm rehydrating the moss that I got yesterday to make my centerpiece! The moss, by the way, was simply given to me by a lovely florist who thought it would be insane to make me pay for it, even though she gave me what would cost $30 at Michaels.
And tonight I have a meeting at 6:15 so dinner will need to be fairly fast for me. We have some turkey leftover and some coconut milk in the fridge so I believe we will be having coconut rice and a spicy coconut turkey with sambal oleak. I figured we needed a change from the typical peach mango chutney turkey I usually make when we have poultry leftovers.
Oh, update on my teaparty menu: I shall be making strawberry sorbet. I'm not sure if this is my 'weird' thing or not. I mean, it's not very weird at all is it? So I'll buy the strawberries for it this week, chop them up and freeze them. I'll have to make it either the night before or the morning of and not much before that, but my scones I can make mostly ahead and just whip them up and bake them half an hour before the event, the cupcakes will be made ahead, the proscuitto wrapped apples take next to no time... so I think I'm still allowed to make one weird thing. My mom suggested I do chocolate covered strawberries as my "weird" thing. However, those are certainly not weird. Although, I could make the weird :) Coconut, Rice Krispies, Pop Rocks... Did you know that a few years back the most prestigious dessert in France was basically a strawberry mousse with pop rocks in it? But, I still don't know if that's the kind of thing I'm looking for.
Does anyone have any suggestions? If I could make it more savory I'd have a much easier time with this, but since I want to keep it kinda desserty but still really light I'm a little perplexed. I had thought about the stuffed lychee nuts with the pistachio infused cream, but I doubt I'd be able to find lychee nuts this time of year. Maybe something with cheese? Hmmmm I'll think on that one.
Well, Gabe just feel asleep so I'd best go blow some eggs (which, the last time I did, I squeezed one too hard while I was blowing in it and it exploded all over my lap...)

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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