Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby Dedication Menu

Great - another second post day. Today it's because I'm bored and lonely. Matt has to work late so it's just me and the babe for another few hours. It kinda wears on you being home alone all day without anyone around for intellectual conversation. Then put on to that the fact that I have had a fairly productive day and so now I don't want to really be productive anymore...
On a happier note, I did figure out a menu, of sorts, for the baby dedication. I'm going to have crostini with a bunch of different toppings: BLT bruschetta, possibly smoked salmon, fruit salsa with chili yogurt and mini #5's. A #5 refers to the sandwich menu from City Roast Coffee in downtown Red Deer. The #5 has lettuce, ham, cheese and their homemade honey mustard sauce - which I happen to know how to make. I'll probably put some tomatoes on it too. Besides the crostini I may do some shrimp since it's been on sale so much lately that I now have 5 bags in my freezer. I'll probably have leftover proscuitto so I'll use the rest of that for proscuitto wrapped apples again, and I may - depending on time and leftover watermelon - make up some of those watermelon, feta and mint squares that I'm doing for the tea party - only this time I'll add a balsamic reduction. Then I'll have things like chips and salsa of course for people who don't like to venture into my realm for "worldly tastes" as my mom so neatly coined it. Of course, she did use that expression to describe bruschetta...
Well maybe I'll break down and do something productive - like make my sherbet or my scone mix for Saturday. Sigh.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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