Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yucky day.

Well, Gabe didn't sleep through the night, but that was mostly my fault. Matt and I stayed up talking until almost 1:00 and Gabe had been in bed since 9. He started tossing and turning alot and at one point he started whimpering in his sleep. I looked in on him and he had turned himself around in his crib and had his legs sticking through the slats and one of his feet just kept kicking away... it was really cute but I could tell he wasn't really comfortable. I picked him up and laid him back down and that's what woke him up. And then he had troubles going back to sleep. So I didn't get much sleep at all. I woke up a bunch of times through the night and I'm exhausted. Also, I had a shower right before bed and my hair was wet when I went to sleep... it's awesome. And by awesome I mean awful. Like, Medusa.
Needless to say I shall be avoiding everyone's line of sight until it is fixed lest the worst should happen.
I'm helping my sister with the cooking for a shower this month. It's going to be a girly garden party so I was thinking Italian Sodas, Fruit Puree Sodas, some pita chips, Petit Fours and a fresh fruit pyramid (tres Pride and Prejudice btw). I'll work on some other ideas but that's the foundation for the menu anyway.
I'm feeling very blah today. My brain just isn't there. I can hardly be inspired about planning that menu even. It's yucky outside which means no gardening, it's messy inside which makes me feel like I should clean but I feel so blah I just don't want to. I think I'm just waiting for tomorrow really. Tomorrow I get to go to Calgary, and tomorrow I get to run errands with Matt and buy fish for the hospital and see my sister and maybe even go clothes shopping before we leave town. We'll get up early, have fun packing together and hit Timmy's on the way out of town... It'll be really nice. It just seems so far away. I do have things I need to get done before then, like I need to rearrange our crawl space so that one of our friends can store some stuff in there while he's out of the country this summer, and I really need to do more laundry folding (which is what the big mess in the house is right now). But I really just want to sleep. Which is weird. Did you know I actually dislike sleep? I mean, I obviously see it as something that needs to be done and so I don't try and avoid it entirely, but if I'm having a nap in the middle of the afternoon you can tell that I'm feeling royally crappy. Sleep is a waste of time to me. I'd so much rather read, or cook, or play a game, or talk, or really do almost anything rather than stay in bed - particularly when the sun in shining. Natural light wakes me up more than anything (except maybe Grapefruit juice) and when the sun comes through the window at 5:30 in the morning I totally feel like jumping out of bed and starting the day. Matt disagrees on this point unfortunately so I have to make sure I don't wake him :)
Well, I think maybe I'll turn on a movie and fold some laundry. That's pretty much slacking, right?

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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