Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weird, weird morning

What a weird, weird morning...
My first reaction when the alarm went off this morning at 6:30 was to tell Matt to hit snooze. I had a really sucky evening yesterday, what with the screaming baby and the creeping up head cold, and we stayed up pretty late listening to a Mark Driscoll sermon (on Mary - it was really, really good), so it just seemed natural to hit the snooze button. However, Matt failed to hear me - he was still asleep. I went to tell him again but I lifted my head a little bit and saw that it was actually sunny outside. Well, that was enough for me. I decided to get out of bed and start my day. I asked Matt what time our local Save-on-Foods was open at in the morning and he said 7. My duties today are to bake, bake, bake and clean a little. There's a Ladies' Retreat this weekend that, while I am not attending, I agreed to bake for. So I need to make 4 dozen of my two-bite brownies and 3 dozen muffins, however, before I do so I need to pick up a load of cocoa and some bananas. The cocoa I have been buying in bulk lately because you can get 3 times as much in bulk for the same price as one package. Anyway, after having a slight misunderstanding about how soon Matt would be leaving for work (right away meant in an hour) and not being able to find the keys (they were in the pocket of a hoodie folded up in a laundry pile in the basement) I was off.
It was about this time that I had to come to terms with the fact that the sun I had seen earlier was the only sunlight I would probably be seeing all day. Still raining, still ugly. But that was okay, I was going to be super productive today, right? Wrong. Well, it may still be right, it just won't happen quite the way I thought it would. The stupid grocery store doesn't open until 9. They changed the hours. It used to open early and close late and now it opens late and closes early. But I had driven so far, so early in the morning! How could it be for no reason??? There was a Timmy's in the parking lot but I had already made coffee at home... But, there was also a McDonalds in the parking lot. For the record, one of my favorite breakfasts in the whole wide world is a McDonalds BLT Bagel. I really love them! Their hashbrowns I could do without, but those bagels are quite fantastic. So I got a bagel for me and a McGriddle (ugh.) for Matt and came home. Now I am waiting patiently (?) for my darling husband to wake up so that we can have breakfast together and for my darling baby to wake up too so that I can feed him, change him, get him bundled up to go outside and drag him with me to the grocery store when it opens at 9 this morning. Oh yes, and did I mention we're out of milk? I never let us run out of milk. I actually meant to go get some last night after Auxano, however, I did not go to Auxano (see above explanation). One of my Amish Loaves sure went to Auxano though :) Since I didn't even see the wrapper I sent it in come back I'm assuming it was well received.
Oh, and I would like to make a brief political comment. Michael Ignatieff is a fear-monger and a goon. I was listening to the news this morning and it was talking about how the new federal budget is set to be released. They talked about the Liberal Party leader's reaction to the new budget and he said that it was a very clear sign of abuse of power by Stephen Harper but nothing worth forcing an election over. Seriously? What sorts of things do you think merit forcing an election over if not the abuse of power by the Prime Minister? Oh, wait, I know the answer: pay cuts that affect you directly. The NDPs and the Liberals threw a huge hissy fit last year when their campaign budgets were slashed even though the Conservative party slashed their own budget on a much larger scale - and yes, I know that the Conservatives still had loads of money for campaigning because, well, they won the election, but really, what a stupid thing to force an election over. Who cares? How does this affect voters? Responsible, well-informed and critical voters will research for themselves who to vote for and not wait for a TV commercial to tell them who to pick. But when you throw out the words "abuse of power" does that not imply something much more scandalous and sinister? Does that not make you think of nazis and communists from ages past? I love Stephen Harper. You should have no reason to doubt my trust in that man as the leader of our country, however, you should also have no reason to believe that my dislike of Ignatieff is based on my love for Harper. I'd think he was a wishy-washy, spineless, brown nosing, fear-monger even if he were a conservative. When the recession hit the US, Harper, like the good economist he is, tried to evade panic in the Canadian market. The only thing that could make the recession hit our country was panic. If we reacted wisely but moderately we could have side-stepped it. But Ignatieff took the whole "the sky is falling" route and helped usher in a full fledged recession. If you're a Liberal, God bless you. Seriously, if I were in the States I'd be a Democrat. This is no bash towards being a Liberal, but it is a bash towards their leader. I must admit, they've had some real losers as party leaders in the past and Ignatieff is shaping up to be just as promising as them.
Anyway, that was my rant and I hear my husband up so I am going to finally go eat my breakfast.
Ta ta

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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