Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lemon Loaf

I baked today! Yay!! I decided to whip up something that my hubby would like alot and over the past couple of weeks I've been discovering just how much he likes lemon in baking. I took a recipe for a pound cake (yah, I used a recipe, not just a pound of everything) and I turned up my nose to the lemon alternative they had printed. They recommended that I use lemon yogurt instead of sour cream. Great, eh? Who has lemon yogurt? And why not sour cream? Sour cream in a lemon cake is fantastic! So I kept in the sour cream, added lemon extract instead of vanilla and threw in some lemon zest. Since I didn't add any lemon juice I wanted to make sure it was lemony enough for Matt. I also wanted to make it more than just a plain lemon loaf so I greased the loaf pan, sprinkled sugar in it and put really thin slices of lemon across the bottom before I put the batter in. Now that it's done baking, the lemon slices are baked in across the top of the loaf, the rind has become really soft and totally edible and the little bit of sugar has made it much more edible. Now when I serve it for dessert tonight I'll top it with either a lemon glaze or whipped cream and strawberries! Yum!
Today I need to go over to the grocery store (cherries and chicken breasts are on sale) and maybe hop over to fabricland as well. I need to get some fleece to make those baby blankets with. Oh, and if Gabe will allow me to, I really ought to mow the lawn for my husband. I love him so much :) Oh, and I also need to clean out our office for him. Every since we moved in the office has been more or less a dump space for stuff we hadn't unpacked yet, but especially moreso since renos started. We want to have our spare room set up so that we can have guests over and that means people typically need to be able to walk into the room. Currently, they cannot.
Oh, and we talked over menu planning for my cousin's shower yesterday! I have been relieved of a couple duties and the full menu is now set. I am in charge of ice cream sandwiches rolled in lime and coconut, italian sodas and crostini sandwiches! Much easier than I was worried it would be. Well, little bit worried, little bit hoping :) I like a good challenge.
We may end up having company over for dinner this week so I'm thinking roast chicken (I have a whole lot of chickens in the freezer) and maybe Pots de Creme for dessert - that or a fruit lasagna (phyllo for noddles, pureed strawberries, mint in place of basil and brie and asiago) Yummy!
Well, I'd best go feed my little boy some lunch and then run to the store!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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