Friday, June 11, 2010

26 hours to bliss

I am pleased to announce that my husband had the day off of work today and thus has been available to help me with my chores. My whole week has kind of been a bomb - migraines, crabby baby, lack of anything getting done, but too much to do to just sit down and admit defeat. Tomorrow we go on vacation to Canmore for a week and while that seems like such a short time away, so much needs to happen before we leave. For instance, tonight I have a rehearsal for my high school alumni choir. This rehearsal will be 2 hours and will be fantastic fun, but for some reason the thought of having to learn and memorize 4 songs tonight is rather stressful to me. Then, there is a barbque. Again, mucho fun, I'm sure. All of Matt's siblings will be there, either because they are participating or because they are spouses. I'll get to see a load of people I haven't seen since high school too. However, this barbque may go quite late so I need to make sure that everything I need to have done today is done before I go to my rehearsal at 5:00. Tomorrow morning at 10:00 there is another rehearsal. Then I volunteered to sell tickets at the door (smack me, someone.) and then the concert starts at 1 and then I volunteered to set out snacks for the intermission (smack me again, please.). At some point before the concert ends around 4 I will sing my four songs with the alumni choir. Then I'm sure I'll end up volunteering to stay and clean and we hit the road for Canmore. Of course, in order to leave for Canmore from the church where the concert is being held I must have the entire house clean, every bag packed, the car loaded up, Gabe fed something to tide him over and everything ready for my sister-in-law to housesit our place. So, in 26 hours from now I will be on vacation, and not a moment sooner.
Of course, as soon as I am on vacation it will be simply bliss! I plan to fill my car ride to the mountains with knitting and pleasant conversation with my husband (I love talking with my husband. Really, he's a fantastic person to converse with and even though I've known him for years and we talk every day, we never run out of things to say to eachother). I had to restart my holiday knitting project by the by. I had started it using inferior yarn and when I realized how pretty it had the potential to be I restarted it with some high end wool. It's going to be a scarf with alternating knit/purl boxes running as a border on the ends. I'm about a third of the way through now.
We're taking our laptop on vacation but I have no clue about whether or not we'll be online. If not, ta ta for a week! God bless you and keep you!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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