Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So you know that headache I wrote about this morning? Well, after heaving my luggage upstairs from our crawl space it became a full-fledged migraine. Party, eh? I hadn't taken anything for it yet and by the time it hit I didn't have the strength to go downstairs to even get tylenol. Fortunately Gabe had just gone down for his nap so I didn't have to worry about him, but the lights were on and the window was open and both of those factors did not contribute to my comfort. So while I ought to have been cleaning and packing I instead was laying on my bed with my eyes closed and a pillow over my face. By the time Gabe woke up however it had subsided enough that I could go get some tylenol and start working. So, even with that set back I still managed to get both the master bedroom and Gabe's bedroom clean. After that work however I was spent again and the tylenol was wearing off. I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on the couch. Matt came home and we made KD for dinner. We definately have not done that in a long while. My head feels mucho better now. Matt vaccumed and I did some laundry. I also started my knitting project for Canmore. I always like to have something to work on out there and I had planned on knitting another baby hat, until I realized that I already had three made and had never given any of them away. So, I went to look up some more patterns and I got inspired to knit a baby scarf with alternating squares across it. It looks really cute - I got about a quarter of it done already tonight. If I should happen to finish that in Canmore I'm also going to knit booties. I'm so nervous about making those though. Knitting patterns totally intimidate me so the only bootie ones I'm brave enough to try involve stitching them up. While I'm in Canmore I'm also planning on reading alot. I'm bringing out Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion and hopefully I will finish the first volume while I am out there (the first of 7).
I might have mentioned previously that I was in charge of meal planning while we were out there. I got that all done a couple days ago. The first night, we're having pizza buns! Nice and easy and quick and not alot of fuss. The second night it's hamburgers, third is pork chops, fourth is barbqued chicken, the fifth is stirfry (for whomever is around - most of us are going out for dinner so for us it will be more like duck, ahi ahi or rabbit). Anyway, the sixth night we will be having steaks with a roasted garlic and pita appetizer and the final night we will be having fajitas to use up all the leftover steaks and chicken and veggies. Meals are always a family affair when we're on vacation - planning them, making them and eating them. Breakfasts totally depend on what the plans for the day are. If we're fishing we'll probably end up having cereal or bagels - something quick so that we can get out on the lake bright and early. If we're shopping and have more time then we'll usually have bacon and eggs. Hiking days call for breakfast burritos! Oh, and I'm bringing out scone mix so we'll have those one day. For snacks I'm bringing out stuff to make that black bean salsa that I made for Gabe's baby dedication and my mom's tea party. It is sooo good and so easy to make. I'm also bringing out my magic bullet to make fast dinners for the babies: squash, yogurt and fruit purees, anything with peas...
Oh, did I mention that I am weaning Gabe this week? Party, eh? He's got too many teeth for nursing to be a safe activity anymore so now he's on milk - straight up. I'm working on cold turkeying him and thus far it's going okay. He screamed at me for nearly half an hour today shortly after breakfast, however, he fell asleep right away. Tonight again he was quite fussy but fell asleep soon after. Let's just hope tomorrow is as good!
Speaking of tomorrow, that is my do-all day. I need to finish packing, clean the kitchen, clean the bathrooms, put away any remaining laundry and make another Walmart trip. I also need to make scone mix, pay bills before holidays and make dinner of course. None of those will be too difficult or time consuming alone, but they do add up quickly.
Well, it's now close to bed time and my little boy needs to be cuddled and sung to.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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