Saturday, June 26, 2010

Soooo tired

Well, it's now 11:45 on Saturday night and I am bagged. After pulling an accidental all-nighter last night I had a busy, busy day with my hubby. My bread finished baking at about 9 this morning and it was perfect; the best bread I've made in a long time. And I made an extra loaf for my in-laws! At around 10, Matt and I went to the Farmer's Market. It's actually the Public Market because not enough farmers show up anymore. Anyway, we saw a few people we know there and I bought some herbs: Lemon basil, dill and chocolate mint! From there we went to the car dealership! And we found a van!! We haven't bought it yet, but we will :)
We then went and hung out with Matt's family. His sister and I made creme brulees and Almond-Pecan Meringues for our French dinner tomorrow! I actually just found out about this French dinner today, but apparently it's going to be a load of fun! I'm responsible for escargot and eclairs! So, after church tomorrow I need to make eclairs! (Lots of exclamation marks in this post...)
This evening I fell asleep on the couch for a whole half hour! (that's 30 minutes of sleep in the past 39 hours) Matt mowed the lawn and when I woke up I planted my herbs and weeded my garden. Unfortunately, in the 10 minutes it took me to do that I got bit by a gazillion mosquitoes. It was so bad that I actually had trouble breathing from the swelling. Great, eh? Oh, and the right side of my face was numb for half an hour. Matt then went out and picked up pizza for us (lazy day dinner) and a movie. He rented Extraordinary Measures. Kay, I tried to watch it. In the first 15 minutes I was bawling. The first sequence is this guy's daughter celebrating her 8th birthday. In the next scene he's reading medical journals about his daughter's condition and it says that patients only live up to 9 years. That's when I lost it. So I played games on the computer while Matt watched it and I still cried 4 more times. Good movie though!
Oh, and I salvaged a knitting wreck. I was knitting a scarf as my first attempt at cabling. Unfortunately, about 1/3 of the way through I dropped a stitch and couldn't figure it out. So, I cast it off and stitched both ends together, and guess what? It's the perfect size for a coffee sleeve! Oh and it's adorable!
Anyway, it is finally time for bed. I'm certain I'll sleep tonight!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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