Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I am experiencing a bash-your-head-against-the-table moment. Matt and I have been toying with the idea of buying a commercial revenue property. I looked up some listings tonight and figured I'd hop over to the Businesses for Sale listings just because. I recognized one of the ads on there as the cafe that I worked at through high school and college... I love that place. It's fantastic! It roasts its own coffee, makes the best bread and the most fabulous honey mustard sauce. It has been offered to me a couple of times but due to my financial situation, and then my life situation, I had to turn it down. Well, the price has been lowered, it's still there and I still want it :( If I bought this cafe I would be so happy and so tired, and so exhausted, but really so freaking happy. I've always wanted it (and its recipes). I'd take Gabe into work with me and hire some really good help, then Matt would be able to finish his business degree and go on to seminary without us being entirely broke.
The big issue is money still. Banks don't give loans for cafes. Even CIBC's Small Business Loan has a little disclaimer saying that it's not available for restaurants or cafes. We would need to get investors. Now, we know a couple that would be interested in investing but we never talked to them about it because, quite honestly, we're too independant. We'd want to run it all and not share the authority.
The other thing is, for some reason or another, Matt and I have already decided not to buy this place - twice. But it's there and it makes me want it! ARGH!
There are other options... there was another cafe listed for significantly less. It'd be more of a ground-up situation, but hey, that's my thing. I love a good challenge. I'd make up a whole new business, new menu, new everything. But I'd be even more tired, more exhausted and not necessarily more happy.
Oh, and we'd be broke for the next three years.
Well, I just needed to rant a bit. Matt was too tired to talk about it tonight so I didn't get the chance to get it off my chest.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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