Saturday, June 26, 2010

Good news, Bad news

Good news: Gabe slept through the night.
Bad news: I did not.
I did not sleep at all last night. I kept laying there thinking "I really need to fall asleep soon or I won't get enough sleep" but I just never fell asleep, period. I kept hearing noises too, just when I was about to fall asleep and it would wake me up completely. Oh, and thanks alot to the guy on the sports bike who decided to make the cop chase him... that wasn't loud at 3 a.m. at all!
Good news: I got to see the sunrise
Bad news: I saw it from the wrong side of the night
More Bad news: I didn't get to see the partial lunar eclipse.
That's right, there was a partial lunar eclipse at 4:15 last night and I was on the verge of making Matt set the alarm for it but I thought I'd be more responsible than that. Since I was still awake at 4 a.m. I thought that maybe I would just go see it but I was right in the middle of trying to fall asleep again so I just stayed in bed. However, as I told a friend earlier this week, 5:30 a.m. is my favorite time of day so when I finally got up at 4:45 and went and sat down on our bench seat in our bay window it was gorgeous watching the sun come up and seeing the world in my favorite hour.
Bad news: I won't be going to Calgary
Good news: n/a
Consolation prize: Maybe we'll invite people over since I have so much food in my house.
If you remember, today is the day of my cousin's bridal shower in Calgary, which I was scheduled to prepare some food for. The plan was for me to drive down to Calgary this morning, make the food, have fun at the party and drive home right after. As of 4:45 this morning, that plan has been cancelled. My head is aching already and I know that by 9 a.m. it will be a full-fledged migraine. There ain't no way or no how that I am going to risk my baby's safety by driving when I've had zero sleep and my head is throbbing. So, as soon as it is a reasonable hour to do so I will unfortunately have to phone my sister and tell her that I will not be coming. I feel really bad about this though. I was really looking forward to the shower and I know my sister was counting on my help, however, she's had a number of people volunteer to make more food so I am not the sole food provider, and in fact, everything that I am providing can be pretty much done without. I did however buy all of the food to make italian sodas, Mini #5 Crostinis and fruit pyramids, so perhaps tonight Matt and I will have people over to help reduce the amount of produce in our house.
Now on to strictly good news. I made bread! That's always good news :) I just punched it down and in half an hour I will be putting it into pans to rise and about 45 minutes after that it will be baking! So it'll be done just in time for Matt's breakfast (that is, unless I can coax him into taking me out for breakfast because my poor little head hurts so bad). Now that I'm staying in town Matt and I will probably go to the car dealership and check out minivans - something we've been meaning to do for sometime now but haven't had a good spot in our schedule to do so.
Oh, and other good news? There's leftover Waldorf Salad from last night and now Matt won't get to eat it all himself; I'll get some too!
Oh, I've got a bit of a serious aside for this post too. We were watching the news last night and there was obviously some coverage on the G20 happenings. The big thing they were reporting on last night was the "Red Zone": a barrier around the G20 location that if anyone approaches they must produce identification and can be searched. Well, the report last night was accusing the government and the police force of wrongful action in assuming the "War-Time Act", as one overly indignant bypasser called it. There's complaints about human rights violations and since it wasn't actually voted on by the people (it was passed in cabinet) there are complaints about it being "undemocratic".
Might I suggest some people get the sticks out of their bums?
First off, from a strictly legal and strictly business perspective, when someone is entering your property (house, office, land, etc.) for the purpose of business, you are responsible for more than due care. That means, if some crazy whacked out accident happens to them while they are on your property, they can sue you. Even Acts of God need to be prepared for. How much more care ought our government take for business which involves peace-talks and which brings in dignitaries from the 20 leading nations of the world? 20 of the most important people in the world are at this summit (more than 20, but let's use that number for arguement's sake), there have already been two explosive-related arrests made that have been directly linked to the summit, and people are fussing because they can't stand within 5 meters of a fence without a policeman politely coming up to them and asking to see some ID? Really?
Secondly, I hope people grow up. If you do anything which might impede somebody's happiness, or anything which might make one feel the least bit constrained, there's always someone who will claim it to be a human-rights violation. Big picture, people. Let's worry about security and then being able to walk wherever we like.
I really think we all ought to pray for the whole G20 goings-on. Pray for the world leaders, pray for the discussions, pray for the policemen who are working overtime and are busting their butts to make sure that the conference center remains a secure location, and pray that the protests and demonstrations will be peaceful.
Anyway, I'd best go check on my bread and see if I can put it into pans yet!
Good morning!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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