Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quick recap

Just a quick run over of what I did today and then I have got to get to sleep!
I hardly slept at all last night due to the stupid thunder which wasn't all that loud but I kept expecting one of those super loud sonic boom ones so I was actually laying in my bed with my ears plug until about 2 a.m. when I finally fell asleep - and then I woke up at 3. The rest of the night went the same way. I got up, got ready, got Gabe ready and then headed downtown to have coffee with a friend that I really enjoy hanging out with but that I never really get to. Actually, today was the first time we've ever got together by ourselves! Weird... Well, when I got home Gabe had fallen asleep in the car and since it was a late nap for him I figured it would be a long nap as well. I decided to finish sanding the banister and to start painting it! I got the first coat of primer on it and tomorrow I'll do the top coat! At around 5 I started getting things ready for my cafe meeting tonight and then made sure there was dinner for Matt and Gabe. Somehow I forgot that I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast and I failed to make food for myself. Whoops. Well Matt got home just in time for me to take off for my meeting which went awesome. I've got a much clearer picture of what the fall is going to look like and I'm even more excited for the cafe than I was before! One of the things I'm going to do is to go into the church every Tuesday to do my ordering and since that is staff meeting day for the church staff I think I'll show up around lunch time and make some lattes for them! I think that will go over well!
Anyway, I got home from my meeting just before 9 to find that Gabe had been a little poop for Matt while I was gone and refused to eat the dinner I'd made for him (orzo pasta, steamed broccoli and cottage cheese). So I took over, Gabe ate his dinner without any complaint and I sent out an email to all the cafe volunteers and organized my contact book before finally eating dinner. Matt started taping around the built in cabinet for me to paint tomorrow so I took Gabe upstairs to the office with me while I tried to do more work on the IPad. At one point Gabe managed to get into a sitting position on my head and I was so helpless I had to call Matt to come get him off me. Not even two minutes later Gabe head butted me in the nose so bad that I thought it was broken. Only the absence of blood could have convinced me that it wasn't. That happened over an hour ago and it's still throbbing. And now the baby is in bed, my tummy is full, my mind is at ease about the upcoming month and I think I am going to sleep well tonight. At least, I'd better.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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