Thursday, August 12, 2010

Camping Menu

Well, this is the last month of summer and I'm planning to milk it for all it's worth!
This week already Matt and I had a picnic dinner with my parents out at a pond and after we finished eating we went fishing. The dinner was a quick and easy one but still quite nice. My parents picked up some KFC chicken, fries and gravy and I made some pasta and potato salads and brought a thermos of nice hot coffee, some cookies and my leftover Blueberry Brunch Cake. Then we drove into Sylvan Lake for some ice cream! Last night we joined Matt's parents for a bonfire in their backyard and we made some bannock!
Today I am menu planning for our camping trip with Matt's sister and her husband that we'll be taking in a week or so. Perogies, pancakes, pasta primavera and those ricotta stuffed grilled peaches! Not bad for roughing it, eh? Of course we'll have hot dogs too, but I find all too often people underestimate what meals can easily be made while out camping. If it can cook in boiling water, it can be made while camping. The only reason I wouldn't try to make lobster this trip is a) it's kinda overkill for what we are doing and b) we are driving a fair ways and I don't know that I could keep the lobster cold enough on the drive out for it to still taste fresh. Anyway, I am super excited for this first camping trip to take place. Other things that Matt and I will be doing this summer include watching the meteor shower on the 15th, going to the beach a lot and throwing some super backyard parties. We have a massive yard and hardly ever have people in it. I'd love to have a verrine themed party with tonnes of different foods for people to taste.
Well, I really ought to go and finish menu planning. If the weather gets better this afternoon I might take Gabe to a splash park!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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