Monday, August 9, 2010

Catch up

Wow, it's been quite a few days since I've blogged, eh? I have been keeping fairly busy lately, which I guess can be my only excuse. This weekend I went to Calgary with my mom for an overnighter to go see my Grandpa in hospital. He was glad to see us and I was glad to see that he was doing better than I was expecting. We got home early Saturday afternoon and Matt and I got in some shopping. We went to a local garden center to find some rose bushes for our front garden, but they didn't have any species that I was crazy about so maybe I'll wait a month or so and put in some hyacinth. Yesterday we had Matt's parents over for dinner so I made some lasagna, proscuitto wrapped apples, tomatoes in a pesto Parmesan dressing, garlic toast and a Peach Blueberry salad with a yogurt honey dressing. For dessert I pulled out a loaf of my Blueberry Brunch Cake from the freezer, heated it up and served it with ice cream. Today was a mildly slow day. Mostly I just cleaned up from the dinner guests last night, but tomorrow I'll be going full tilt again.
One of the first things one my schedule is to go down to the old cafe I used to work in and start negotiating on espresso prices for the church cafe. While I'm down there I need to pick up some more coffee for our house since we just ran out. I'll probably try and pick a type to test drive for the church cafe too. Then I need to go and find a training potty for Gabe! He's been giving us signs that he's ready to potty train, such as hiding when he poops and saying "bum" to be changed before he's even gone. It'll be nice to not change poopy diapers anymore. Then I need to pick up some groceries, do some yard work and cleaning and get ready for a picnic dinner with my parents. KFC and homemade salads! Then we are going fishing with them!
Oh, and another thing I need to do is to touch base with all my cafe volunteers! We had a volunteer push yesterday and today the office sent me about ten more names of people who want to help! This is great news for me because then I can focus more on my regular duties than on filling in for people!
Well, hubby is home and we need to get the baby to bed. I'll try and post more regularly again!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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