Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Broken Nose

Well, I woke up this morning and Matt rolled over to kiss me and it hurt my nose. So I knew it was still tender. And then I got up and looked in the mirror and realized that I had a black eye. Not a huge one, it kinda just looks like I'm tired, with some broken blood vessels. And then I looked closer in the mirror and saw that my nose was really swollen in parts and that one of my nostrils was bigger than the other. And I've always prided myself on having very symmetrical nostrils (seriously. I'm not kidding about that.). Anyway, based on the tenderness, the swollenness, the black eye and the lopsided nostrils, we have decided that Gabriel did, in fact, break my nose last night when he head butted me. I might go see a doctor tomorrow to get it reset but honestly that idea doesn't appeal to me. I may just hope that it's a small crack and trust that my nostrils will again be symmetrical once the swelling goes down (again, I am quite serious.)
In spite of that minor hindrance I did manage to have a fairly good and productive day. I got up with Matt this morning and when he left I started painting the china cabinet. That involved a bit more than I had anticipated since I had to remove the doors, the hinges and the knobs before I even got started, but thankfully Matt taped all the glass and the walls around the cabinet last night otherwise the prep would have taken me even longer. I finished the prep and just started painting when Gabe woke up but fortunately he's a happy boy when he wakes up so I set him up with some cheerios in his high chair and he jabbered away while I kept working. Then at around 10:00 the doorbell rang. I decided against answering it since I was decent but by no means presentable and I assumed it would just be someone trying to sell me something. Then the phone rang - a sure sign that it was someone I actually knew at the door. Sure enough it was my mom! She had the day off and wanted to stop by and say hi. So I put her to work feeding Gabe while I finished up with painting the cabinet. After she left I finally grabbed some breakfast for myself and played with Gabe for a little bit. I wanted Gabe to nap but he was really fighting it. Finally at around 2 he fell asleep and I was able to go back to painting. I still had all the doors to do so I set up drop cloths on our old dining room set and on the floor and got to work again. By 3 I got all of the doors painted except for the undersides which I left until the tops dried. When I finally cleaned up the paint and brushes I sat down to write out a shopping list. I knew that I needed to get in a Walmart trip today as well as a grocery trip and I wanted to make sure I got everything we would need for camping so that I wouldn't have to go back. It was a little chilly in my living room so I went upstairs to the guest room and laid on the futon while I wrote. At some point I pulled the big comforter over me... And then laid my head down while I wrote... And then closed my eyes for just a minute... And then woke up at 4:30. Whoops!
Well, both Gabe and I got our nap in but because Gabe fell asleep before he had lunch he was pretty hungry. So I set him up with food while I finished my shopping lists - this time I was sitting upright, my eyes wide open and slightly chilly. I got Gabe and myself ready and we took off for Walmart first. That was a fairly big trip considering my list only had 5 things on it and they didn't have two of those things! Then we ran over to Co-op for another big spending trip. Although I was delighted to see that they had 4 different varieties of plums in stock this time. That's really for my Co-op! We left the store and I remembered that I had not eaten much today and still had not had dinner so I drove to McDonalds. Yep. I did. Anyway, it was nearly 8:00 by the time I got home and had unloaded the van. I got Gabe set up with some dinner, I got my dog set up with some dinner and eventually, after a few phone calls and putting away groceries, I ate dinner myself. It was at about this point that I looked around my house and was appalled to see the state it was in. This feeling was increased by remembering that we are having a friend over for dinner tomorrow! So I set about tidying, finishing painting the undersides of the cabinet doors and organizing all the supplies I had just bought for camping. By 9:30 I was feeling pretty good about things. Sure my house still looks awful, but once we move all the stuff I pack for camping downstairs and when I finish painting the cabinet and rehang the doors tomorrow it will look great!
But now my husband is home from doing a side job and we have a date to clean the kitchen!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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