Friday, August 27, 2010

Cocktail Party Menu

Woohoo! I've finally finished planning my menu for my party tomorrow! I think I'm slipping though because I'm usually done planning menus for parties at least a week in advance - usually no more than a week after I initially conceive the idea. In any event, it is done.
Margarita Mix Frozen Watermelon Slices, Affogato, Corn bread with sweet pepper jelly, Watermelon cubes with Feta and Mint, Cucumber, Mango and Avocado Maki Rolls, Mee Krob (cripsy asian noodles), Warm peach and ricotta phyllo cups, Antojito phyllo rolls, an assortment of cheeses and chips with pico de gaillo. We may not be able to have Lychee Martinis since I could not find any lychees - canned or fresh. However, I'm sure I'll figure out something or other.
Most of the menu are things I've never made before, such as the Mee Krob. You have to deep fry rice vermicelli noodles and then coat them, usually, in sweet and sour sauce. I'll mix in some sweet chili sauce with the sweet and sour sauce and then add green onions and shredded carrot. The Antojito phyllo rolls will be cream cheese mixed with cumin, chili powder and minced jalapeno and then red peppers and onions. The maki rolls are a modification of what I've made before, as are the warm peach and ricotta phyllo cups, obviously, since I've been making my stuffed grilled peaches every chance I get. I've still yet to figure out one more dish however. I have those gorgeous new amuse bouche cups and I haven't got a thing to go in them! Something savoury of course... Maybe something layered with pesto and sundried tomatoes.
Well, I'm sure I'll have it all figured out by the time the party starts tomorrow!
I tested the espresso machine at the church yesterday while my sister-in-law wrote out the new menu boards. The machine is great, but I had some issues with the grinder. The grind was much too coarse, which is an easy fix, but the tamper that they use is attached to the grinder and its diameter is too small for the gruppa heads. Instead of applying even pressure across the whole surface of the grinds, it leaves a quarter inch ring of space, letting the grinds put up and out as you tamp. Makes for crummy shots. So I've got to find a new tamper as well as some other small things like long handled metal spoons to use as a catalyst in the milk. When you steam milk it can get hot spots and boil in some areas but not heat in others. Using a spoon inside the steam pot helps.
I'm really excited to be starting up the cafe in two weeks. It's going to be awesome.
Anyway, my sister and her family are in town so I'd best get off and be social! I'll post how the menu items went and what I ended up putting in my amuse bouche cups!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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