Thursday, July 15, 2010


Sigh. No super sexy swimsuit for me. Matt and I ended up going out for dinner tonight and then out to HomeSense to check out the swimsuit. Turns out that they had two styles on the same rack that were nearly identical. The first style I tried on ($29.99) they didn't have a bigger size in and while the one they did have looked fantastic on me, the torso was really too short and it made the whole suit a bit more scandalous than it ought to be. The second style was $10 more and they didn't have a larger size but I tried on the equivalent size to see if it fit differently. Well, it definately fit different, but that wasn't a good thing. While the first one was hugging and sexy and flattering the second one was frumpy and awkward and disapointing. So we left it and I'm still wishing my torso were just a little bit shorter so that I could fit into that first swimsuit.
Have I mentioned yet that I am super excited for this weekend? Matt and I were just talking over plans for Saturday and it looks fantastic! Matt's meeting a buddy Saturday morning at 8:30 for coffee downtown, so I'm going to drive Matt down, grab myself a coffee and then walk over to the Farmer's Market a few blocks away. Then the tattoo place I'm going to is just down the street from the cafe so once I'm done at the market I'll meet Matt at the cafe, pick up another coffee perhaps, and get my tattoo done. Then, after another refill, we're heading over to the nature center to show Gabe all the displays and then to go on a walk. Then back to our house for yard/housework for the rest of the day, which is fun in it's own way. That night we're hanging out with Matt's aunt and uncle who are still in town from the grandparents' 50th anniversary last weekend. They're globetrotters so whenever they are in town we love to see them before they go again. Sunday we're helping in the nursery at church, which is always fun, and then perhaps hanging with my parents! It'll be a nice lax finish after the busy Saturday.
Anyway, I'd best get going. It's almost 1 already and I'm sure Gabe will wake himself up again from coughing tonight so I'm going to need all the sleep I can get.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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