Monday, July 19, 2010

Cafe Manager

Woohoo! I just got back from a meeting and guess what??? I am the new cafe manager at my church! And apparently they were hoping to line up someone for the job who could bring in new ideas, so I basically have been given free reign of changes as far as menu items, decorations and anything else that I think will help! This is so sweet! I know what to start with too - job description binders. Handiest things ever when it comes to cafe settings. It will be so awesome running this cafe. A nice time filler until I get one of my own.
The next thing I will do is an ad campaign for the cafe. They are hoping to draw attention to the fact that the cafe will be essentially under new management and that there will be some new things to check out, so they suggested I put an ad in the upcoming church newsletter - The Crossing. Well, how's this for a slogan: Family. Friendship. Fellowship.
I'm getting a few friends to give me their opinion of it so I'm still test driving it, but that would encompass the vision for the cafe.
Oh, and I will be changing the menu. Not extremely. People typically don't appreciate extreme change. But I will be tweaking some names, some feature items and some recipes. For example, we will be adding a Chocolate Chai drink to the menu, as well as renaming what they currently call their chai latte to a chai misto because it is basically a tea bag in milk. Oh, and to offer more options and save money at the same time I might make some of my own syrups in the church kitchen and use them in the cafe.
I'm so excited to get started with this and I just hope things run smoothly as I transition in and the current manager transitions out.
I'm actually going to keep this rather short because quite honestly it is hard to type on an iPad and it takes a long time and I want to go to bed :) But rest assured that I will keep you filled in on the progress of my new cafe 'project'!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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