Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh yay! I'm writing this from my ultra brand new iPad! This is so cool!
We had to take our computer in to the shop because the charger wasn't working and turns out we won't be getting it back for about a month. Not cool. So Matt broke down and decided to buy me my birthday present early!
I did end up getting my tattoo yesterday and it's awesome but the day didn't quite work out like I had planned. I was so pumped about walking down to the farmers market and then getting my tattoo done by noon and then having the whole day ahead of us. Well, on my way to the farmers market Gabe spat out his soother and when I went to pick it up I accidentally squeezed my coffee cup and the lid popped off and I spilled coffee all down me. I didn't buy anything at the market because I figured produce wouldn't hold up in the van on such a hot day while I was getting my tattoo. At some point Gabe threw away his soother and I didn't notice, or bring a spare. Oh, and it only took me 45 minutes to walk to the market, walk around and look at every booth, and then walk back. So I sat around downtown for a while waiting for 11 so that Matt would be done his meeting and we could go get my tattoo. Well, when we got to the tattoo parlour at 11 there was already a full sheet of names on the walk in list. Turns out that they open at 10 for putting your name on the wait list even though they don't really open until 11. Well, we put my name down and the girl said it would be an hour wait. Sure wasn't. It was a five hour wait. And we sat in the lobby with Gabe for the majority of it. When the artist was finally ready for me it only took five minutes to do the tattoo. But oh well, at least it looks great! Then we got to hang out with Matt's aunt and uncle before they left town which was sweet. Oh, and Gabe slept through the night two nights in a row so we are pretty stoked about that!
Man, some of the apps on this thing are sweet. For instance, I have already downloaded the iBook app and got a free copy of Pride and Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes and Wuthering Heights! And I also downloaded a free piano app that is pretty sweet. There isn't quite the selection that you would have with an iPhone but I've definitely got enough to keep me happy!
Well, I had best go whip up some dinner for my family! I wonder if there are any free recipe apps for this thing?

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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