Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer ideas!

I skipped out on Auxano tonight again. I was feeling wretched all day and while Gabe was perfect the whole time I just felt like I needed a break. Well, now I've had my break, I've drank 3 cups of tea, I've had a bath and I've finished my book. I'm ready for my family to come home but they still won't be back for another hour :( So, in the meantime I have decided to post a list of summer activities! All of these things I intend to do this summer, if I have not already done them. Last summer I didn't get to do nearly as many activities as usual simply because I had a little, itty-bitty baby. This year, I want not-so-little, not-so-itty-bitty baby to experience as much as possible so we're doing it all! Anyway, here's the list!
#1 - Go Fishing! Seriously, so much fun! Significantly more fun when you catch something but even if that doesn't happen it's still nice to get out with family. A couple tips: remember to bring your bug spray, valid fishing licenses and bear in mind that Alberta is barbless so all the barbs on your hooks need to be bent down and broken off. I highly recommend Grotto Pond outside of Canmore if you are in that area.
#2 - Volunteer! Particularly if you are a stay-at-home mommy such as myself. Volunteer with your church, with a local not-for-profit or at the hospital.
#3 - Watch a Meteor Shower! On the night of August 12th and the early morning of the 13th look to the northeast to see the Perseids Meteor Shower. Pack up a couple of blankets, a thermos of coffee and your sweetie, drive out to the country and set up for an hour or so. It's best for viewing after midnight.
#4 - Go to the beach! Sounds so simple, eh? Pack up a picnic lunch with some waldorf salad pitas, pretzels, fresh fruit and drinks. Also pack a volleyball, a frisbee, suntan lotion and money for ice cream later! Get there early so you can get a good spot! (Get on the sand and you can build a sandcastle!)
#5 - Golfing! Lots of courses give discounts for booking early tee-times on weekdays. Get exercise, play a game and get a tan all at the same time!
#6 - Walking With Dinosaurs! ... or something to that extent. There are lots of awesome shows that tour around the world. This one is something I have been wanting to see for years now - robotic dinosaurs put on a documentary style show. Apparently very realistic. This year was also a Star Wars prop and orchestra touring which Matt wanted to see, but you can also look for things like the ever-popular Cirque Du Soleil.
#7 - Hit up your local attractions! Museums, zoos, art galleries, nature centers, historical buildings and attractions... Lots of these places have regularly changing displays so you can go fairly frequently. We're taking Gabe to our local nature centre this weekend, the next time I'm in Calgary for a day trip I hope to go to the Glenbow and the zoo is always fun.
#8 - Check out the local festivals! Some examples of what's around me? Jazz festivals, country music festivals, rodeos and county fairs galore... Lots of these things have free admission, or simply paid parking.
#9 - Go camping! This seems like a simple statement but "camping" looks different to everyone. For me, we get our tents out, rent a campsite near a lake or a river, get in some cards, some volleyball, and lots of cooking around a campfire. Not big on tents? Check out websites such as or for people renting out their cabins for weeks at a time.
#10 - Have an outdoor party! Weiner roast over your campfire! Need something more elegant? Wine and cheese tasting. Too elegant? Tapas with homemade gelato and freshly brewed iced tea with berries floating in it!

Well, I'm cutting myself off at 10. Maybe I'll do a part two someday because I have a lot more ideas, but now my hubby is due to be home!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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  1. Sounds like some great summer ideas, Steph! PS: taught Gabe to blow kisses and say "NO!" while wagging his pointer finger. So incase you were wondering why he does what he does... yes, you are free to blame his aunt (haha you probably do anyway!)


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