Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cafe Ole

I was too tired to post yesterday, so hopefully I can remember all the details today! Yesterday morning we headed out to Drumheller as soon as the gas tank was full and the Timmy's was got. On our drive out I saw an antelope! I didn't even know we had those in Alberta! As soon as we got into town we headed straight for the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology. We spent probably 45 minutes in the first section, reading the plaques and looking at some of the largest, most intact fossils the museum has. And then my sister showed up! :) She had been scheming the day before about bringing her family out to meet us but we kept it a secret pretty well so when she arrived she walked up right next to my mom to make a comment on some fossil and shocked the heck out of her! So Gabe got to see the rest of the museum with his cousin Elli! It was a really great time and Gabe wasn't the least bit scared of the dinosaurs. He thought most of them were dogs.
After we finished at the museum we headed over to Boston Pizza for lunch where I ordered their Thai Chicken Bites and a side caesar salad. If you've ever had Earls' Chili Chicken appetizer you'll know just how amazing that dish is... sweet chili sauce on breaded chicken bits with green onion and crispy wontons... Fantastic. I was curious to see how Boston Pizza measured up and while it wasn't as good - and was clearly a ripoff of the Earls' version with crispy noodles, green onion and carrot - it was better than I was worried it would be. I'd definately eat it again. But, having said that, if I'm craving chili chicken I'm going to Earls.
After lunch we checked out a couple more fun locations and then went over to visit my friend's cafe: Cafe Ole on South Railway Ave (attached to The Brick). I've never been to Drumheller to visit my friend in all the time that she's lived there, much to my shame, and I knew I couldn't be in the same city without looking in on her. Plus, I really wanted to check out her cafe. It was gorgeous! It had a beautiful atmosphere and they made great drinks. Not to mention, killer cupcakes! My friend makes all the cupcakes herself and her strawberry icing is made with real strawberries and tastes sooooo good. Cafe Ole in Drumheller people - it rocks.
Speaking of cafes, today I was doing a bit of price searching in anticipation of maybe owning one myself in the not too distant future. The first thought it my head was IKEA. I mean, obviously they're cheap. I figured plates, bowls and cups from them would by far be the cheapest alternative. However, it turns out I was wrong. While Matt and I were running errands today we stopped in at Homesense where they had just got in 12 packs of beautiful, square dinner plates for $20. At Ikea, the cheapest option for large plates was $4 a piece. That's more than double!! So it turns out that when the time comes for me to find dishes for a cafe, I will be skipping IKEA and going straight to Homesense to see what deals they have that month.
Today was fairly laid back... Matt and I cleaned alot and now you can actually open the door to our office all the way. We just need to get a bookcase and sort some papers and then it is done. Tomorrow we are skipping church (we're heathens, we know) and going to Edmonton to see Matt's sister and her husband and to do some shopping. I'm going to take Matt to Le Chateau outlet up there and he can decided whether or not I get the bombshell yellow dress that won't quite zip up all the way or not.
But for now, I will simply retire for the evening, do some reading, and maybe some more scheming, and most likely drink some tea!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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