Sunday, July 4, 2010


Well, we had an interesting wake up call this morning... just after 5 a.m. our sprinklers went off which woke me up a little but I was still half asleep. In this half asleep state I heard someone walking around in our back yard yelling and grunting. I thought it was just a dream until he started rattling the door knob of our back door and pounding on the door yelling, "Let me in!" Great, eh? Matt ran down and opened the window on the door and asked the guy what was wrong. Apparently the guy was dripping wet and had his pants pulled down almost all the way. The guy kept slurring his words and Matt couldn't really understand him but kinda got that the guy wanted in to crash for the night (he was yelling the whole time and sounded very angry). Matt said, "The night's over dude." and then called the cops. While he was on the phone with the police we could hear him pounding on our neighbour's door - our 80 year old neighbour's door. The cops came within a minute of us hanging up the phone and picked the guy up. It was really, really creepy though. We think he was sleeping in our backyard or under the trees in our driveway and got woken up by the sprinklers. We also think he was high or drunk, or both. Plus, what if our door had been unlocked? He tried getting in! He could have just walked into our house! At least now I feel justified in my compulsion of double checking the locks at night...
Anyway, because of that little episode we ended up sleeping in and didn't leave for Edmonton until about 10:30. As soon as we got there we hit up Le Chateau outlet to find my super-hot dress... unfortunately they didn't have it. It hardly had any dresses at all compared to the store I'd been to in Calgary! I was really sad to not get it today but tomorrow I'll call my sister and see if she can just go pick one up for me. I doubt I'll ever find a dress that hot for that cheap again.
We left Le Chateau and drove to Matt's sister's house where we hung out long enough to decide that we were all hungry so we hopped in our van and drove to OPM. We'd heard about OPM from a few of our friends who raved about it and we're so glad we finally got to go. It's a high end asian restaurant with amazing food. We got their Cantonese Lettuce Wraps to start and then shared their Drunken Chicken, Mongolian Beef and Coconut rice. Matt doesn't share food well so he got his own Buddha's Lunch Box of Sweet and Sour Chicken. I must admit, I was worried about the Cantonese Lettuce Wraps. They had mushrooms (which I hate), Water Chestnuts (which I can do without), onions (which I'm totally indifferent to) and a few other things that I'm not crazy about. I seriously thought I'd really hate them, but they were amazing! They bring out pieces of lettuce and a bowl of filling that you roll up in the lettuce pieces. Man, it was incredible. The Drunken Chicken is a dish they usually recommend and it too was better than I thought it would be. The Mongolian Beef was probably my favorite dish. Man it was good... I totally recommend going to that restaurant with a group of 4 people and getting some menu items to share. For the record, we had leftover food.
After eating our fill (and Gabe dumping a full glass of water on me just at the end of the meal) we went to IKEA! Matt and I have been needing a full sized bookcase for some time now so we finally broke down and went to get one from IKEA. We spent probably 2 hours in that store, mostly just debating what shelving unit to get. We finally decided on one of their Expedit bookcases - the ones with the cube shelves. And we even fit it in the back of our van! Granted, I had to crawl out of the trunk to get out of the back seat, but it fit. After shopping we hung out for a while, drank tea and beer (girls had tea, boys had beer) and then made some dinner. Oh, and we have been enlightened. Apparently my brother-in-law decided to barbque some President's Choice chicken wings a few weeks back and he said they taste infinately better when cooked that way. They were right! They cooked some up for us and while I usually hate frozen chicken wings because they always feel so slimy and make my stomach upset, these tasted restaurant grade.
Well, now Matt and I are home, putting together our bookcase (or rather, Matt's putting it together and I'm blogging). This week will be a fun one for me. The same couple we hung out with today are coming to town next weekend and staying in our guestroom... which is not yet in existence. So all this week I will be organizing, cleaning and decorating to make sure it is guest ready. I'm also going horseback riding with my mom at some point this week and to the Farmer's Market on Wednesday. It's going to be another great week!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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