Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pork Vs Beef

Today was the first day in a while that I got up before Matt to make him breakfast before work. It wasn't from feeling particularly well, or from any real burst of energy that I did this, but more so from being tired of being sick and sleeping in. I did get to bed in reasonable time last night though. My parents came over for dinner and after we ate my dad and Matt went to pick up Matt's van from the shop and I ran and got some groceries while my mom watched Gabe and Cash. Once everyone got back from their errands it was 7:30 and my parents left. So we hung out for a while and then Matt went to do some studying and I gave Gabe a bath and got him into bed. I started reading in bed out of habit but decided against it one page in so I shut my book and went to sleep! I think that actually threw Matt off. He was kinda worried about me since if I am reading in bed I normally stay up much later than him.
Oh, about the dinner. I didn't want to go to any real trouble for it and since Matt had our family van for work because his was in at the shop, and since the rain was crazy, I couldn't get to the grocery store before dinner time so I had to only use what I already had in my house. I decided on a pork roast, a salad with apples and peppers, corn, rice and beans. Oh, and we finished off some of the cheeses and dips from this weekend too. Well, when it came time to carve my absolutely gorgeous roast I thought it smelled funny... beef funny. Yep, again I forgot to label my freezer bags and mixed up pork and beef. Last time I thought I was making roast beef and it turned out to be pork roast, this time the other way around. Well, it was super tender beef! And I typically roast my beef and my pork the same save two key differences: the color of wine and the seasonings. I did white wine and rosemary but had I known it was beef I would have done red wine and onion powder with a touch more garlic. And maybe some thyme. I actually noticed when it was cooking that it didn't smell as sweet as normal but I thought it was just the fact that I'm all stuffed up from being sick. Ah well, it really did taste great so I didn't worry about it.
Did I mention I'm hoping to get a tattoo this weekend? On my wrist. It'll be a small one, just with the text "yahweh". I'm calling this afternoon to see if I can book an appointment for Saturday. Due to the nature of the tat, they shouldn't have any troubles getting me in since it'll be a 15 minute job.
I have no idea what to make for dinner tonight. It's been such a sucky-weather week which is why I wanted to make pork roast last night but my fridge is full of summery foods. I could maybe make a cream soup which, if done properly, can be summery and warm at the same time. I think I'm going to pull pork ribs from the freezer tonight and make oven-roasted ribs for dinner tomorrow, but that still doesn't help me for tonight! And don't worry - I only ever buy pork ribs so I won't accidentally grab beef ones :) Perhaps I'll make something remniscent of sloppy joes. Matt will love that!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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