Monday, May 10, 2010


Oh what a day... For almost the entire morning Gabe screamed and fussed and wanted to be held but then wanted down and kept trying to kick the laptop keyboard and rip the pages of my books... It was awful. The morning actually started out nice. I woke up at 6 because of the sun coming in and decided that I could sleep in a bit more. I finally got up at 7 with the alarm and made french toast for Matt and I. Well that was about where the productivity ended because as soon as Matt and I finished eating Gabe woke up. Gabe had a nap at one point in the morning and I got a couple things done, but not much. This whole afternoon I spent in the basement watching TV with Gabe because that's all he'd let me do. When he went to sleep for his second nap I ran upstairs to make dinner. I browned some pork chops in a frying pan and threw in shallots, garlic, white wine, apple cider vinegar and rosemary. I decided to finally make up my balsamic reduction that I've been meaning to do forever. Well, Gabe woke up so I at least got the pork chops cooking but that was it. I had to wait for Matt to come home before I made the rest of dinner.
Matt finally got home after I watched a whole lot of Friends and then I ran upstairs to throw on some pasta, the balsamic reduction and some carrots for Gabe. Well, amid all the craziness of a crying baby, a barking dog and getting dinner ready I wrecked my reduction. Great, eh? That was an expensive mistake. Oh, and while I was tending to my reduction the carrots boiled dry. Fortunately I caught those right away and threw cold water on them so that they'd stop burning so they were still good enough for Gabe to eat. But the reduction was screwed.
I do have one cute Gabe store for the day however. Gabe just learned how to say "bear" this past week however he isn't really sure what the difference is between a bear and a dog. Well I googled "bear" and "dog" and pulled up some pictures. I clicked on the bear picture and got Gabe to say bear over and over. Oh, and apparently bears say roar - according to me, not Gabe. I didn't know what else to say! Anyway, I clicked on the dog picture - one of a german shepherd - and then I'd say "Dog" or "Puppy" or even "arf" and Gabe would just laugh and say "bear!" Everytime I'd say that the dog was a dog he'd just laugh more like he thought I was being ridiculous. Cute kid :) In his defence, the poor boy has 4 teeth coming in right now so he's hopped up on Tylenol and not sure why his mouth hurts so much.
We didn't get to go to Auxano again tonight but next week we definately need to go. I really enjoy it! Oh, and thanks to the page ripping Gabe was doing I didn't even bother trying to read Calvin's Institutes today.
Well, it's bedtime and my head hurts. I'm outie.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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