Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So productive!

Yes! I did everything I needed to do today! Well, except picking up my prescription. And I still have some laundry and dishes to do tonight... but other than that I got it all done! I picked up tea, light bulbs for the fish tank, flowers, groceries... I feel great having got it all done!
I didn't pick up all the flowers I need for my front bed, but I did get a couple pretty annuals. Matt and I might go again tonight because I really want to get some berry bushes and a clematis as well as a few more annuals but it's really hard to shop for all that stuff when you're pushing a stroller. The garden center I normally go to only has a couple carts with baby seats and they were all taken - mostly by people who didn't need them. When I went to get my groceries I brought in my stickers! Co-op has been having a product give-away of sorts. For every $10 you spend you get a sticker. Save up your stickers and trade them in for pots and pans! The cheapest one was a 20 cm. frying pan for 50 stickers. I decided that this was probably going to be the most cost effective method for getting my dutch oven! That one cost 90 stickers. So the promotion has been on since February and I've had a couple people collecting the stickers for me. One more than most. My mom works for a senior gentleman (I use the term loosely) named Tom. I call him Thomas. He's pretty much my adopted grandpa and he thinks so as well. So he went over and above collecting these stickers for me. This weekend he gave me a full sheet of stickers - 110 of them. I had just filled up my own sheet with 90 stickers (a third of which he gave me, too) so now I had 200 stickers. Well, I didn't need another roasting pan (110 stickers), a saute pan (90 stickers), or a square grill pan (80 stickers) so I got my dutch oven and the 20 cm frying pan! I had enough stickers leftover to get the next size up of frying pan as well but they were out of stock, so the next time they have those in I'll get one of those too!
I'm testing out my dutch oven tonight too. I'm making roast beef but I didn't have any red wine so I threw on some tabasco spiked ketchup and some french beer. We'll see.
We haven't had working lights in our fish tank all week so now that they're in I'm getting to see some of the babies for the first time in a while. Just before the lights went out Matt and I pulled three more babies out of the hatchery and put them into the main tank. We already had three bigger ones out for a while so we were hoping they'd all be okay. The first three babies were from one of the first batches that were born in our tank; 2 females and one male and they're yellow and blue. So not very vibrant. At first we thought there was something wrong with the male because it didn't look like he had any color - until the light caught him and you could see that he was yellow. He's not very vibrant yet though. One of the females is blue and the other is yellowish. Well, these next three I was quite excited for. Again, 2 females and one male but this male is gorgeous. He's got a blue point at the base of his tail but the rest looks red. One of the females is quite pretty too - she's spotted! And she may be a he. I'm really not sure. I think it's a she, but it looks like she's got a different shaped tail, which would make her a he. But it could just be that part of it's been nipped off by a bigger fish. Oh, and one of our fish is having babies as I speak and I've caught 4 of those so far.
Well, Matt's home so I'd best get dinner finished. We're having roast beef sandwiches with green beans, an orzo salad and mango puree sodas. Yum!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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