Monday, May 3, 2010

A break

Today was a pretty lax day - which was good because I needed one of those. Gabe and I hung out all morning and Matt got off work early so we got to have lunch together before he ran off to meet a friend for coffee. Since the house was still really clean from Gabe's baby dedication I hardly had a thing to do other than empty the dishwasher. I did get around to baking some two-bite brownies however. We were having a friend over for dinner and I was stressing a bit about what to serve for dessert but I figured everyone likes two-bite brownies, so that was a pretty safe one. Gabe was so adorable today. Usually after a busy weekend he's pretty grumpy but today he was just an angel! At one point he was pretty tired so I laid him down in his playpen to see what he'd do. He just laid on his back for 15 minutes, staring at the ceiling and kicking his feet. Then he stood up and leaned on the side of his playpen while he watched the fish in the tank for another 10 minutes. Finally I looked in on him and he had just laid down and gone to sleep without any fuss.
When Matt got home from his coffee date he helped me get ready for dinner. For a while we weren't sure our friend was going to be able to make it - there was a chance he was going to be stuck at work. Matt and I sat down to dinner and started without him and about 15 minutes later he came. Which was good, because I made a lot of food. I had done up some steaks (I tried out the Budweiser barbque sauce and it was pretty good - sweet, but good), some garlic shrimp, seasoned rice, garlic toast, green beans and a tossed salad with feta.
Matt's parents came and picked up Gabe and took him to the fish store and dropped off Matt's siblings who were catching a ride to Auxano tonight. I decided that I didn't really feel up to going so they all left about an hour ago and I've had a bit of time all to myself this evening. Now that our bench seat is finished I've got the perfect place to sit and read, drink a hot drink and watch the rain. I also got in a bit of guitar time which I haven't done in a long while. My poor puppy got drenched from being outside while we were eating so he's laying on a towel at my feet.
Tomorrow life kicks back in. While the house is clean it can still get cleaner and I haven't done any knitting in a long time.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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