Monday, May 31, 2010

Crazy Busy

It's Monday already??? I can hardly believe it! I suppose I did do alot this weekend but it feels like it should only be Sunday. On Friday we went to Matt's brother's Grad reception. One of Matt's sisters and her husband stayed with Gabe while we went so I made sure they were well fed (I cooked up the duck drumsticks - roasted with earl grey tea - and made another fruit tart, not to mention all the leftover salads). It was a nice reception, the meal was decent (not as good as the duck though). Once we were done there we went home to relieve the babysitters and got invited out for the evening. Matt's brother wasn't attending any of the grad events that night so we all took him out to play some late night pool and Matt's parents watched Gabe for us. The first car load of us got home from pool at 2:30 a.m. - of which I was a part of - and Matt and his brother got back just after 3. We bundled Gabe up (he fortunately stayed asleep), took him home and Matt decided he was feeling a bit chatty so we didn't get to sleep until 4. Matt got up with the dog at 6:30, came back to bed for a bit, and then got up just before 8 so that he could meet a buddy for coffee. This was very unlike Matt and even more unlike him was the fact that when he got back from coffee at around 10 he wasn't feeling completely exhausted. So we spent all of Saturday hanging out with his family. We played board games, watched movies, watched more movies and played more games. It was fun :) Sunday we went to church and then back to Matt's parents' place for lunch and then we went swimming with everyone. Poor Gabe was either too hot or too cold. The place we went to didn't have a kid's pool (the place that did had an hour wait to get into the pool because it was so full) so we took him into the big pool and he was shivering like mad but the hot tub was too hot to do more than just splash on him. While Gabe was hanging out with his Gran and his aunty I got to play some pool volleyball, which I greatly enjoyed. That is, until the salt water from the pool (yep, it was salt water) started reacting with a burn I had got on my arm on Friday night. The burn had stopped hurting by Saturday morning but it started blistering up thanks to the salt and now it hurts more than ever. Anyway, after the swim we went to have dinner with my parents and my mom and I went for an hour walk with the dog afterwards. It was a really, really nice weekend. We got to hang out with Matt's sister and her husband from Edmonton, whom we really don't get to see enough of, and we didn't something as wild as going out at 11:30 at night and staying out til 3, which really never happens anymore since we had Gabe.
This week I will need to regroup from the past few fun-filled days and then prep for the next two weeks of funness (yep, I said it). Next weekend Matt has a Men's Conference in Calgary and I am getting to see a bunch of friends that I haven't seen in a while for which I am quite excited. The following weekend I am being part of an Alumni Choir Concert so I need to learn the 4 pieces for that, go to the rehearsals and then the concert is on the Saturday. As soon as the concert is over and I've said goodbye to all my old friends again we're packing up and going to Canmore for a week. So, before that point there are a number of things I need to do. For one, that weekend is also the weekend of a Ladies' Retreat, which, while I am not attending, I did agree to bake for. So I need to have 4 dozen of my Two-Bite Brownies made up and 3 dozen (or so) muffins made up. I'm also volunteering for some job for the Choir concert, we will clearly need to pack for a week away from home which will involve all sorts of activities so it will also clearly involve all sorts of luggage (we're talking golf clubs, swim gear, fishing gear, board games and a whole lot of baby stuff). While we are gone on vacation one of Matt's siblings will be house sitting for us so I need to make sure the house is spotless and that I have a few meals in the freezer for them - cause that's how I roll. Besides all that, I found out that an organization in town is look for event coordination volunteers so I'm going to throw my name in there for some pro bono. Sounds like a fun couple of weeks, eh? The anticipation of enjoyment will far outweigh any of the stress of preparation so I'm not dreading these next two weeks by any means. I just realize that it may be a bit hectic :)
I am super excited for Canmore though. We'll take the babies swimming every day, go for hikes, go shopping in Banff, take lots of pictures and play LOTS of cards. Matt and I are also planning on going for dinner at The Trough Dining Company again. Fantastic food, really. Family vacation in Canmore is definately one of the highlights of my year, every year. Even that year when I was pregnant and couldn't eat anything other than tortilla chips with nacho cheese sauce and root beer.
Well, Gabe might wake up soon so I should probably go eat breakfast while I still have the chance.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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