Thursday, May 6, 2010


I watched GLEE for the first time a couple nights ago and it was purely by accident. Every Tuesday Matt and I go over to my parents' house to watch some NCIS. We were really excited for this week's NCIS:LA episode but right after the original NCIS finished, GLEE came on and our show was nowhere to be found. Well, somehow my dad let the TV stay on that channel (I was amazed) and I finally got to see what GLEE was about. I'm gonna be honest, at first I wasn't very impressed - Not as much Sue Sylvester cattiness as I had heard about and Ice Ice Baby was pretty lame. Things got better though - hammer pants rocked and Total Eclipse of the Heart rocked my world. Although, thanks to programming suckiness the lats few seconds of the episode were cut off - thank goodness for YouTube. I'm sure it will be taken down by the end of the day, but someone managed to post the whole song (with video) on YouTube (in an oddly mirrored fashion might I add). And while I by no means condone pirating it was nice to see how it ended. Now, I don't know half of the drama that has occured on the series - clearly since this was my first episode - but if every relationship goes out with a bang like that, I'm sure I'd really love this show! I plan to buy the series on DVD when it gets released.
I was ticked that we didn't get to see who died in NCIS:LA but fortunately I have the internet and was able to find a review of the episode. It went down the way I thought it would.
When I took Gabe in for his immunizations yesterday they gave me a pamphlet on servings and serving sizes for kids. I realized that I'm typically really good about making sure Gabe gets all the right food groups and portions, but today I was trying to remember what he ate yesterday and I couldn't! So I've started a daily food diary for Gabe. That way, if someone else is feeding him dinner they can know what he's already had today and if I'm making him supper I can look at what food groups he needs a top up in. By the way, before you have kids, invest in a Magic Bullet! By far it is the fastest and easiest way to make up dinners for him - throw in some chickpeas and some cucumber, as a bit of water and puree. Then throw the cup in the dishwasher. So easy.
Yesterday I started reading John Calvin's Institutes of Christian Religion. I gotta admit, it's an easier read that I thought it would be. It helps that it's a fairly modern translation (think NIV, not The Message). Plus, there are lots of breaks in the writing which kinda provide a chance for your brain to regroup and take it all in. I'm going to be limiting myself to 5 Chapters a day because otherwise I might read to fast and miss some of the points being made. I'd rather take a year to read it and fully grasp what's being said than to read it in a week and miss most of it. (This rule only applies to non-fiction and theological texts - not novels. I need to read those quickly otherwise I lose interest too fast - save Jane Austens of course)
Ah yes, and now on to the Mormons. I had some delightful Mormon's come to my door today, and might I add that they were in no way dressed for the weather. I was kinda back and forth in my head about whether to let them talk or to head them off at the pass... I decided to head them off. They asked if I had ever read the book of Mormon and when I told them that I had read parts of it they got all excited - until I followed that statement with the fact that I disagreed with it. They said that they were encouraging people to not only read the book of Mormon but to pray about what they were reading and ask God to guide them on what to believe. I then informed them that I do that every day of my life and that it is because of that fact that I disagree with the book of Mormon. They were really, very nice guys so I didn't want to be mean to them, but I made it very clear to them that I didn't agree with them because of what I know to be true, not because I wasn't interested in religion. Then I told them to stay warm (I refrained from wishing them luck) and recommended they get a hot cup of coffee... whoops! I quickly back pedalled and said, "Oh wait! Mormons! Uhh, uhhh I mean..." and one of the guys said, "Hot chocolate." Ah well! My intentions were pure.
Well, I only have half an hour before I have to go make dinner (tacos tonight) so I'd better finish reading my five chapters of Institutes.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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