Saturday, January 15, 2011


Yikes! Overnight my house became crazy! Today was supposed to be our family get together for Matt's extended family. I was asked to bring a salad or snack and decided against making homemade soft pretzels so I needed to go to the store to pick up some ingredients. Matt and I spent a while talking before we got up about what the day would look like and what we wanted to get done. Our plans included trips to the mall and the church and maybe a meeting for Matt before we met up with the fam. Well, as soon as Matt got out of bed he realized he wasn't feeling well... At all. Turns out he's got the flu. It snuck up on him quite quickly and quite violently. So Matt went back to bed and I still needed to get some errands done. I got Gabe settled in his crib with some snacks and toys and went grocery shopping and picked up Timmy's for lunch for Matt and I. I figured I'd get him a tea instead of a coffee but I was surprised to find that he didn't want either. Turns out water wasn't even staying down. I decided at this point that we would not go to the activities the family had planned and just meet up with them for dinner. After getting Gabe down for his nap however my head started hurting so I laid down for a nap myself... And woke up 20 minutes later when Gabe decided he only needed an hour's nap. At this point I gave up all hope of getting Matt out of bed (for probably the next two days mind you) and decided to hold off on going myself until later. The biggest problem was that Gabe was quite eager to play - loudly. So we called Matt's mom and got her to pick up Gabe and take him with her to the event. I ended up going after everyone had finished dinner and only stayed for about an hour. Before I arrived I stopped at Macs to pick up more Gatoraide for Matt which he was only too happy to get when I got home. To add to the struggle of having a teething child, a violently ill husband and being pregnant myself, starting this evening we are dog sitting Matt's sister's golden retriever. He's a good dog but he has taken to mounting Cash lately. Now normally I'd probably just let Cash duke it out with him, but he just got fixed and is still wearing his cone. So, he's not allowed to play with Cash and I'm assuming that means that Cash isn't allowed to beat him up either. Granted, Cash would have his work cut out for him anyway seeing as how Cash is a third of his size. Anyway, we have to keep them separated all week and seeing as how this dog is stronger than I am, all I can say is, please pray for me!
I'm scared for tomorrow, what with Matt still running a high fever and throwing up every few hours and I've got to not only work in the cafe at church tomorrow but also in infant care. And then there's Gabe... And the dogs,
Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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